Question about this forum


I love the simple fact that you created such friendly place but I have a few questions. Are you planning on making this a forum/ database/shopping cart? That would fulfill the basic requirements of what we unraveled are missing. I had considered doing it myself. As once I got out of my fiber biz, l I went to school for software engineering. But the truth is I don’t have the time (I have many ongoing wips that aren’t all fiber related) and I’m not sure I would want to run something like that myself anyway. I would love to hear where you hope this goes. I wouldn’t mind helping out if you need it either i just can’t make it a full time job :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for exactly what is going on, but I do know that a marketplace is being worked on. There are other features in the works as well. The site has changed substantially in the 3 or so weeks it’s been in existence. It may take some time, but I think we’ll get there


We have a marketplace in the works, I apologize it’s taken so long it’s largely the business aspects not the technical aspects that have slowed it down. We have 4 sellers that have been helping us test and tune for patterns. It will be a separate site integrated with this one.

I’m working on finding a front-end developer to make user interface for the database bits, I can do the backend work but I’m not the greatest javascript developer. Hopefully that will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks for at least testing purposes. We will not be a drop in replacement, we will be different but we will grow out our features and expand to encompass a lot of the things people are missing.

Is there a forum for posting completed works? Also is there a personal place for notes on my WIPs?

I’ll look into the WIP spot, currently I think people are using their blog for that but I’ll see if I can add a spot for personal note taking that is non-public.

The blogs are members-only but I’ll see about a spot that is users-only as well.

For completed projects blog posts or a thread in the correct topic (Knitting, Crochet, etc) you could either start your own thread or start a generic one for people to show their completed works.

@Bibliofan you might check out the Project Blogs at the top of the screen. This is good for personal notes, and showing off FOs. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see that the site is going to be more than forums. Thank you all for your responses.

@Deya You would not believe how fast this site has blossomed. And there are changes practically daily. It’s wonderful to be a part of it. Welcome.

I know this site was started as a result of the “stuff” at R, but I’d love to hear the history! and who our lovely hosts are <3

one thought to hold, the other site had more than a decade to build out - early days did not include many of the “features” so many enjoyed and came to rely on.

Speaking as someone NOT know for my patience - we all need to realize Mr & Mrs @Admin
need time to get us there - and certainly are moving a LOT faster than what we saw in the distant past.

Never mind, I Found it. blogspots are found under the settings (3bar) button.

I have been using the blog spot for a place to record my current and finished works. In that area I can make notes about the pattern that I am working on. For personal note keeping, I have also been using Onenote, the program comes already loaded onto Windows and is available as a free program for mac and iPhone users. While there can be issues with the program (some of it is probably me just needing to learn the program more) what is nice is that it automatically syncs between my computer and phone. I have a notebook that is set up just for my projects, with one page that is a template that I can copy and paste onto a new page for new projects. When I want to share the project on my blog page here I can copy from my notebook and paste it here (a little bit of reformatting might need to be done to make it more visually appealing/friendly). Another thing which I like about the idea with Onenote is being able to share my notebook with others through email (can either share it as a view only or can allow edits).

I am a newby and this site does sound lovely. My big question is will it be politics free? I am so sick of politics. I know it is important but I would like a place where it has no place.

Hello and welcome to FiberKind!!! We do have a “Political Discussions” section that is by subscription only. If you don’t subscribe (which you have to ask me to set you up) you won’t see this section. Political discussions are required to go there. In this section only civil conversation is allowed or you will be asked to discontinue or possibly banned.

So - unless you subscribe to that area, it has no place on FiberKind.

That being said, if you see something that you think does not belong, please flag the post as I may have missed it.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions please let me know.

Welcome! Yes, we definitely strive to be nonpolitical. This is a place to relax and enjoy our hobbies with other crafters.