Quality not quantity

I will give you all a moment to compose yourselves as you take in the beauty and amazaballsness that is this tiny yarn haul.


Okay, jaws up! Now, can we just take a moment to thank Cedar Hill Farms for their authenticity? This has got to be the realest wool Ive held in my hands since I got to sift through raw pelts (is that what theyre called?) at the fiber festival last year. :sheep: Absolutely unreal and stunning. I still think Im a couple hundred yards short of a large sweater, but I will figure it out. (6 skeins, 400 yards each, planned to hold 2 strands together, comes out to a thin worsted)

And yes, thats the Big Foot Fibers pumpkin spice latte sock minis… and also yes, it smells like freakin pumpkin spice. :hugs::orange_heart::fallen_leaf::jack_o_lantern:

Ah! What a life! Very special thanks to both of these ladies for providing us fiber fiends with the goods. Doesnt get much better than this! Xoxo!

Thanks for the eye candy. :candy:

Beautiful yarn!

Yes eye candy indeed!!!

Holding and working with a “real” wool is the best, isn’t it? Not that more cleaned and processed wools aren’t “real” – but I know what you mean, it’s that “this took a very short path from the sheep to me” feel.

Oh yes, I remember when I got my very first “real” wool yarn. It was early on in my fiber journey so had no idea about what I was actually holding. It was more of a thick and thin spun yarn that still had a strong wool smell. I didn’t think very highly of it and think I eventually gave it away. Now that I understand and appreciate the ‘less is more’ approach, I have to laugh at myself as I’m right there with you celebrating your haul! Enjoy it!

@HeatherAthebyne exactly what i meant! No disrespect to the amazingly scrumptious processed (tbh, i dont know the difference in process, its part of my journey though!) yarns out there. But youre right, the path from sheep to yarn feels much shorter with this wool and its a nice change of texture.

@pinesprairie I have a skein of alpaca that I bought in the beginning of my journey that I never could part with, but Ill be damned if Ive known what to do with it for the past 10 years! :smile: Its lovely, but I wasnt into garments back then so in the stash it has sat!

Decided to play it safe and got a couple more skeins of the Cedar Hill Yarn. Also, I found a women’s pattern for the same style sweater, but with a little shaping so hopefully, I will end up with a marled combination of these two patterns.



It’s going to be so lovely.

Very nice.

I like to play it safe too. You have a little wiggle room that way and who knows how you’ll decide to have it end up! Sometimes it just unfolds as if it has a mind of it’s own.