Project Notebook (Non-Digital)

I found this at Hobby Lobby. Of interest to anyone interested in a paper knitting planner. I paid a whopping $3.20 for it with my 40% coupon.

That would even work for a spinning diary!! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

I love it that Hobby Lobby is carrying all of these things now!

Yes it would @rkennell. It only has 15 actual sheets with the project info printed on it, but is interspersed with the grid paper and also some dot grid sheets that I am planning on using for other types of projects. I have already recorded my current weaving project on the first grid sheet!

And yet another reason to go to Hobby Lobby. I better go after grocery shopping so I don’t blow all the egg money. :slight_smile:

What department did you find the book in?

It was with the yarn on an end stand in our store.

Me too!! Also that we can freely talk about Hobby Lobby without recriminations :joy:

@handrail. Thank you knowing where to look should keep me from wandering the whole store and not spending the grocery money :moneybag: