Project Inspiration

I recently came into a good bit of eyelash yarn. Funny story, LYS was selling it in a sale box and I got confused on the price! But I bought it anyway thinking it would help the LYS and I could use it with the kids for crafts. I’m looking for projects to use it! Knit, crochet, or just a fun craft for kids. Any ideas/inspiration?

I haven’t worked with eyelash yarn since everyone was doing scarves with it years ago. I did see someone use fun fur to make hats for girls that look like Russian fur hats, I don’t know if eyelash would work for this or not.


@knitineer - I’ve seen some cute bears and other toy stuffed animals made with eyelash yarn. :slight_smile:

A baby Santa outfit? This one is from pinterest.


Bear is all eyelash; Santa’s fur trim is eyelash. (Monkey is just monkeying around.)


Designer Pat Alinejad has a shop on Etsy (Huggable Bears) and LoveCrafts.
I think her Animal Keyhole Scarves would be GREAT fun to knit in eyelash yarn.