Project Blogs - What Can Be Posted?

Looking for input on this new section. I have a couple of knitting tutorials which are currently on my personal blog that I would like to post on our new site. Is the Project Blog a good place for this?

I’m sorry I didn’t see your question sooner. The original intent for the project blogs was to provide a place for people to share their projects, but that doesn’t have to be the only things there. If you want to share your tutorials there I think that would be a good spot for them. I checked out your blog and your ranch looks glorious! Glad you’re here!

Hi Snickerdoodle…Please excuse me for saying that every time I see your name I start craving your namesake cookies. Thanks for your input on the Project Blogs section and your kind words about our ranch…it definitely is our little slice of heaven. The site is amazing so far and incredible how much has happened in such a short period of time…You and hubby Admin are quite the team!!
Happy trails,

@snickerdoodle So are the project blogs meant to be like project pages where you can keep track of current projects?

@Suthernknitwitt The project blogs are still new to me and I haven’t had a chance to play around to discover all the functions/features yet. The project blogs can contain your own crafty content and WIPs fall in that category. Are you asking if the content is okay or is there a particular function that you would need to be there to keep track of a current project that you’re not seeing?

I was just poking around and discovering the corners of the site. I may consider setting up blog posts like individual project pages, but I love to include many pictures of my process throughout any given project and it seems that several pictures per blog post may be too cluttered? Idk, still poking around and figuring out my path.

Forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere, but is there any way to add posts to a specific blog? I have this Year of the Pig going where I make a piggie every month, and I’d like to put them all in one project blog. Should I just edit the main post or add each new pig as a comment or something?

That’s a good question. I don’t know if has been addressed elsewhere or not. When I look at a blog post I’ve made I don’t see anywhere to add a post to it. You could add a comment or edit the main post. Those are the only two ways that I’m seeing too. And Year of the Pig sounded so intriguing I looked it up on your blog. So fun!

Thank you, I’ll do that then. And I’m going to add more pigs!

I don’t know if this has changed recently or not, as I just got to taking a serious look at the project blogs today, but you can create a blog, and then you can create topics within a blog.
I think this may be really fun for Mystery alongs, you can just upload the new part of a pattern and make the blog for the along itself… that’s off topic, but that’s something I thought of when I saw that’s how it was working now.

That’s an interesting idea!

That is an interesting idea. I started using the blog I created for Rolling E Ranch to have different topics as well.