Polka Dot Jersey-- THREE!! Consolation Prizes

Okay, this is the “Polka-Dot Jersey” contest and consolation prize. If you had a busy month like mine (hello–it IS canning season!!) and had some times (or a lot of times) where spinning just didn’t happen like you had planned–then this is for you! If you spun at least 5 days out of the entire month (for at least 20 minutes per session), then you can enter this contest!! The good news is–we have THREE prizes and they are all very nice!! Also, these prizes will be drawn last, and will only go to qualified entrants who have not been drawn for other prizes, so be sure to put your name in!

First up is another braid of Malabrigo Nube in Arco Iris colorway, donated by our very own PurlgirlButtons! I love the colors of this one!

Next, is a really nice Fiberkind tote bag, donated (and decorated) by our very own amazing Char. You can tote your knitting/crocheting projects around and brag on Fiberkind at the same time! Some day I hope to own a Fiberkind tote.

The final prize is to help you knit up all that fantastic yarn you’ve spun and it is a yarn knitting swatch gauge from Akerworks. It is a 4-inch gauge, which is so handy since most swatches call for 4 inches each way. I have one as well and I love it!

So, if you have already spun at least 5 days this month, I hope to see your names on this list!! It should be a long list! Also, the deadline for this event is also Sunday night, the 20th, at midnight. Anyone signing up later than that will not be entered in the drawing.




I think I’m qualified for this one too? if I’m reading the rules right.

I’m qualified here!

Okay, I’m going to make an executive decision here.

Since the rule is that we were only going to give these 3 prizes to those who haven’t gotten a prize elsewhere in this contest, the only person listed above that qualifies is… @Sommerfugl !! So you are the lucky recipient of the lovely Malabrigo Nube yarn donated by @PurlgirlButtons !!! Congratulations and happy spinning! Please send a private message to @PurlgirlButtons with your address so she can mail it to you right away.

Now, for the last 2 prizes, since everyone else who entered contests this week already has received a prize, I decided to enter the names of the 5 other contestants who participated in the Spin de Fleece 2020, but didn’t qualify for any of our previous prizes. Life has a way of happening, so we totally get that! So, out of the 5 who weren’t able to qualify for any prizes, we have a surprise for you!

I talked to Char and we have decided that everyone who took the time to participate deserves some reward for their efforts. So we used the drawing tool to choose the recipient of the Akerworks knitting guage and it will go to @Spice2s ! Congratulations and enjoy this lovely tool. I have one and I love it!

Which leaves 4 more participants-- @strawberryroan , @dapncat , @j.m.galloway , and @Shauna825 . Instead of picking just 1 of you to receive one of those cool FK totes, Char and I have decided to collaborate and donate one to each of you! Please PM her and give her your address so she can mail them to you. Congratulations and enjoy! You tote your WIPs from your newly spun yarn and promote Fiberkind at the same time. :slight_smile:

@rkennell Aw, that’s really sweet! Thank you!

You’re welcome, @dapncat --thanks for contributing and helping make this such a successful spin!

Thank you so much. To be honest, I did spin nearly every day. I posted to instagram, as that was easy to do each night, but getting onto the Fiberkind website isn’t a habit for me yet. I am working on it. But still need to work at reminding myself! I appreciate the prize very much. Really brightens my day.

@Spice2s I’m in the same boat as you! I did a LOT of spinning, but don’t have the fiberkind daily posting really in my head yet :slight_smile: It’s hard to kick the lurker habit!

Oh wow! That is really cool! Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh wow! thank you @PurlgirlButtons for the beautiful fiber!

Oh my goodness! You all are so kind. Thank you for hosting the Spin De Fleece. I wish I could have found more time to keep going, but I had fun seeing everyone’s spinning!