Please help me figure out some of the features on this pattern

[SIZE=16px]Cabled Leaf Pullover [/SIZE]

designed by Alana Dakos

This lovely sweater is from Never Not Knitting. I would buy the pattern if it wasn’t on Ravelry and I don’t see another way to purchase it. I love so many things about it and I’m pretty sure I could knit something similar using a basic jumper pattern adding waist darts.

Is the neck bound in I-cord?

I spent some pleasant hours today going through Ann Budd’s books and realizing what a treasure trove they are. A big positive change for me is that I’ll be more of a thinking knitter and working some things out for myself. I carry some weight in my mid-section and think this sweater could be more flattering if each half front had that neck but was simply bound in I-cord all the way down. Then the two fronts could be invisibly stitched together. You’d still have the split neck but would lose the knitted motifs and instead have two rows of I-cord running down the front. - and maybe a zipper instead of stitching the fronts together.

If anyone knows of another way to buy this pattern, please let me know. Alana Dakos is a gifted designer!

Looks like its available on NeverNotKnitting shop on Etsy

This is such a pretty sweater. I went to Never Not Knittings website and not only did she have beautiful designs, but the photography was stunning. It looks like you can buy the pattern directly from her site for $6. I hope this helps!
It’s funny you should bring up Ann Budd because I just purchased one of her books to help me better create my own patterns. I’m becoming more of a thinking knitter too. The Vogue Knitting book was instrumental in helping me figure out the math to make my own cardigan from scratch and it turned out just like I wanted. Same with a shawl. In both instances i couldn’t find a pattern close to what I wanted. Now if I can’t find the pattern, I have the confidence to make it myself!

Thank you - I always forget Etsy!

I’d love to see the cardigan you made for yourself!

Thank you for asking! I almost never post my work but I’m planning on posting the piles of projects I’ve completed soon. I think you can do that on your description page? I really like this site so I feel more comfortable posting here.
I have all these oddball single skeins so I just incorporate them into sweater yokes. For instance, I had a caron cupcake, didn’t want to make a hat, so it became the yoke of a sweater that striped nicely. I live in Florida so hats, scarves, and gloves don’t get as much use in the winter as a light sweater would. Plus, hardly and ends to weave in!



Thank you Techyarnie!

I love it! You did this yourself using Ann Budd’s template as a starting point? Wow!!!

eta: I went to your description page and saw how you posted your sweater on the media tab. Very cool! I didn’t see that feature until now - thank you!

I’m interested in loaning the Ann Budd book from my library to check it out, I’m working on developing a cute colour-work cardigan for my daughter and there were some awesome yoke design tutorials on you tube that really helped me understand the increasing and short row shaping. I also have found that as I gain more experience and I learn more about the actual structure of garments and I understand the increasing required to create a certain shape, it makes it so simple to just swap out a few things and make it your own. I’m going on 6 years of knitting straight from patterns and I recently branched out and designed my own brioche, lace, textured 3 colour shawl because I couldn’t find what I had in mind. It was so freeing to build it myself, I didn’t even mind ripping back a bit.

Runner5…(I can’t figure out how to comment on your comment) thank you for the compliment! I’ve only been knitting about 5 or 6 years myself and always straight from patterns which were all starting to look dry. So to avoid falling into a rut i figured I’d try it myself. Others did it so why can’t i? Plus I was tired of copying from everyone else. I haven’t made anything from Ann Budds book, this sweater came from Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting book. Beginning on page 232 it tells you how to figure out the math to make your own circular yoke sweater. Mine was a top down seamless cardigan. I’m terrible at math so I had to concentrate and I struggled with figuring out where to divide for the sleeves, but it was worth it and I will do it again. I call it a success because I can wear it in public without embarrassment.
when i posted the pic to this thread it automatically went to my media page so I plan on posting all my stuff there!

I completely agree how freeing it is to create your own pattern. It’s like the world opened up. I purchased the Ann Buds book of patterns, mainly for hat and glove varieties, used from Amazon. Brioche is something I’ve been wanting to try, I just think it brings patterns to the next level. I bet your shawl is beautiful! Do you plan on posting the finished piece? I’d love to see it!

That is very pretty!

@SouthernKnitter , Here’s the completed shawl. I just layed it flat to dry, didn’t have enough foam blocks, it needs a good block to stretch out the lace section in the middle but I really like the ruffly edge and it is wonderful to wear. Brioche is super easy once you understand the concept, it kind of functions like double knitting from what I’ve seen of that technique. This is my 3rd brioche project and it makes so much sense once you get it.


Oh that is incredible and I love the colors you used! What yarn is that? You got me thinking about brioche again and I watched videos on it til I fell asleep last night. This is giving me some fresh new ideas so thank you for that. About blocking, I was running into the same thing with my shawls…nothing big enough. Wal-Mart has a great big cardboard sewing/cutting board in the sewing section that works in a pinch for pinning and blocking. Plus I can move it around and lean it against the wall if I need to and it has grid marks on it. I think it was around $4 or $5. It was the only way I was going to block my Old Shale Shawl.

@SouthernKnitter it’s thecrooked kitchen. She was at a local yarn festival last year and I hoarded these three skeins for 7-8 mm on this while I tried to find the perfect project and I never found the perfect pattern so here I am with my design.