Pictures, Editing Software and Watermarks

I was recently reading a post about pictures and copyrights which made me think about adding my own pictures to OU.

Here is my discussion topic. Do you use picture editing software and if so, which one. What do you use it for? Do you add a watermark to your picture so if anyone does copy it, your info for that pic is retained? Do you add specific text to your photo so that when someone scrolls over it they can see what it is?

I have attached an example so you can see a bit of what I am talking about.


I use GIMP, which is free, though I’ve not used it to add watermarks, just to scale down pics to OUR’s size limit of 1440x900.

You are the first person I’ve heard of that uses GIMP for something other than making maps! That’s what it was originally created for. I’m not criticizing or anything, you just caught me by surprise, is all. :slight_smile: I’m also an amateur fantasy cartographer, and I belong to a few cartography sites. I’m used to seeing comments about GIMP there.

BTW, I use the paint program that comes with Win10. to add the name of the person that took the pictures I use for advertising. I always ask my testers to take pictures of their completed test project, 1 regular, and 1 ‘professional’, along with a written statement granting me permission to use said pictures for advertising purposes. I give credit to the photographer, by adding their names to the picture in question.

Photoscape is a good one and free.

@SDMcDaniel , how odd! I always thought it was simply a FOSS replacement for Adobe’s Photoshop.