Photos disappeared from posts


My photos uploaded and appeared in my posts.
Several hours later POOF! they were gone.
What caused them to disappear?
Will they automatically, magically, automagically reappear??
Or what steps must I take…? Edit posts…? Upload photos again…? Will they stay this time…?
Anything else I should know…?
Thank you for your time.

Oh no!! Was this around the time I reset the servers? Can you send me the link to where they were and I’ll take a look?

@Admin - I believe it was not when the servers were reset (today) but I think I saw a post from you yesterday about changing an image processor…?
I originally placed my post at the end of a discussion regarding uploading photos, yesterday.
Then today I copied my post to make a new unique issue.

Hmmm… let’s see if I can find the links for these… I learned how to do that on the original OU… let’s see if can do that here…

Forums -
Two discussion threads in Knitting Patterns


Groups -
Two posts in this discussion thread:

  1. Free Pattern: Americana Keyhole Scarf
  2. Free Pattern: Americana Keyhole Scarf, Bunting style

Hi QFknit,

The issue was when I re-named the other site to archive it broke the links, I moved the pictures over so both threads look great again!

Thanks a bunch!