PDF File Size

@Admin I am trying to create a new topic for a free knitting pattern. When I try to add my PDF via the “upload attachments” I am getting the following message:

Chicken Tracks Sock Pattern Final 11-7-17 1 pic.zip
Your file of 1.25 MB exceeds the limit of 878.9 KB.

Is there a way to increase the downloadable file size or maybe a workaround?


I’ll take a look, should be an option.

Thank you Mr Admin :cool:

@rollinge I found the setting for that, it should allow for up to 9MB now.

@admin…Tried to upload my PDF again and received this:
Chicken Tracks Sock Pattern Final 11-7-17 a.pdf
ImageMagick exec error found: identify: not authorized `/tmp/vbattachowp2ta.pdf’ @ error/constitute.c/readimage/412.

Oh I think I know what that is, can you e-mail me the pdf at ourunraveled@gmail.com ? I think I know how to fix that but I’d like to test it. That’s the program that will make a thumbnail of a pdf.

It worked!!! Thanks!