Pattern Hosting?

Hi! I’m not trying to make this site something it’s not… I’m just curious. Is the goal to develop some sort of internal marketplace, where pattern designers can host their patterns? If not, I’m totally cool with that. I’ll do some research and decide where to park my designs. I just didn’t want to relocate them someplace else if there’s going to be something over here that I could use instead.

There will be an external marketplace that is paired (and linked) to this forum, I’ve been doing some testing today in between fixing this place up. I’m hoping to have vendors starting to add products in the next couple of days.

The marketplace will be a separate site and possibly branded under a different name going forward to prevent the discussion board <-> Marketplace contamination that impacted so many designers and sellers last time.

@peanutzmom A marketplace is in the works. This is actually the second iteration of this site…the data was transferred to this platform Thursday or Friday. There was a discussion on the original platform, but I’m not sure if that is still available. Let me see if I can get you a link.

Maybe @Admin can tell us where that discussion went?

ETA: Ha! Admin beat me by seconds!

Awesome, thanks! I would definitely want to be kept in the loop, if it’s external, so I know where to go!

@Admin - As the marketplace will be external, is it something OurUnraveled will profit from as well? I want to ensure this site and your work will be funded as well as the designers.

Initially the marketplace will probably operate at a slight loss with the goal being to gain marketshare and profit through volume. We plan to advertise marketplace items on the discussion group and do revenue sharing on both sides.

I would like to make some money eventually, but my first goal is making sure everyone has a good place to land and a good site to operate on. There will be room for making money later once we’re established.