Pattern help

I was at quilting bee today and a lady came in with a half-finished project that she had picked up at a yard sale. She is a crocheter but does knit. She asked me to help with the pattern - it’s a typical checkerboard but between the checkers is a wandering 3-stitch pattern. I’m great at following patterns when they are spelled out, but haven’t a clue as to how to decipher knitting that’s already done. Any ideas? It’s a 12 row checkerboard so if someone is very handy, could you write out a 12 row pattern - right side and wrong side (I am pretty sure wrong side is just purling whatever stitches appear). In the 3 stitches, the middle one remains the middle one but I’m not sure how to get it to wander from right to left. I’ve told her that this knit group is fantastic in solving problems - I’m sure you won’t let me down!

Knit pattern 2.JPG


I’ve never seen that stitch. It looks like just two stitches. The right stitch is constant. The left stitch is perhaps knit two together, then increase one, knit a couple of rows, repeat?

I’ll email her and confirm the number of stitches - but thought it was three - I could obviously be wrong :wink:

If she confirms that it’s 2 stitches, and not three, then this is likely it!!!

She said it was three stitches and posted this.

stitch closeup.JPG

If anyone is still on R (no judgment) maybe the wider knitting community could help with this one?

@annekepoot - Based on the photo provided in this post, I count 4 stitches in the wandering cable.
For how-tos, you might try looking for knit stitch patterns called “wave cable” or “snake cable.” This is basically one half of a honeycomb cable. Instead of always crossing in the same direction as many cables do, this cable stitch pattern alternates between holding the initial stitches to the front, then on the next crossover, holding the initial stitches to the back.
The last cable crossover was right-leaning: c4b
The next cable crossover will be left-leaning: c4f

The similar concepts can also be applied to working a wandering cable (wave cable, snake cable) on 3 stitches.
It also works for 2 stitches, in which case it would match the stitch posted upthread by @TeaNSugar .
Does this seem to match what you see in person on the incomplete yard sale project…?

I sent her a wavy cable YouTube so hope that helps - I’m asking her to verify the number again - I think you’re right - looks to be a section of 8 in the checkerboard. Thanks for the help.