Pattern Help Please!

I have a total of 176 stitches on my needle and my next row is the following:

K12, *into the next 3 sts (p3tog, yo, p3tog), k9; rep from * to last 4 sts, k to end

I can’t get the math to work out. The knit stitches at the beginning and end of the row total 16 sts. That leaves 160 left from the 176 original total. 160 is not divisible by 12, which is the total stitch count of the repeat, no? I tried working it (with a lifeline) and it did not work. I’m pulling it out to the last row.


@Monchichi , first suggestion is to check for pattern errata. If you need help with that, please let me know. I am curious now - what is the name of the pattern, and who is the designer?

Multiple comments on pattern mention issues with this section. One mentioned a directive to a YouTube video, which I watched, but no resolve. It’s Casapinka Glamping Blanket.

@Monchichi , thank you for the pattern name - that helps a lot! I looked up the pattern and found some partial photos of it. It looks like it has a garter border - is it a four stitch border on both edges? After looking at the photos, here’s my WAG (wild-a**ed guess) about what is going on.

Beginning stitch count is 176, assuming this includes both 4-stitch border sections.
“Knit 12” - includes the 4 border stitches and the first 8 body stitches = 164 stitches left unworked.
Work “*into the next 3 sts (p3tog, yo, p3tog), k9; rep from *” 13 times using up 156 (13 x 12) stitches and leaving 8 stitches unworked.
“to last 4 sts, k to end” - there will be 4 body stitches left and the four edge stitches. So, essentially, you’d just knit 8 stitches. I’ll bet that the “last four stitches” are the body stitches, and the “k to end” is the four border stitches. Does this seem to make sense in the context of the rest of the pattern?

The instructions for other rows are not written the way you’re describing above. If I follow the same logic of the pattern up to this point, the repeat should go in even so many times into 160 (176 minus the initial 12 and the last 4).

Ah well, sorry, that’s all I’ve got. You might want to try to contact the designer for clarification. They usually have contact info somewhere on their patterns, through their Facebook, or on their website.

@Monchichi I think that there is a mistake. As I can see nobody tested this pattern before it had been released for KAL. I assume other knitters just knitted this stitches. Last week I finished a baby cardigan using this pattern ((p3tog, yo, p3tog), k9).
To make pattern symmetrical on both sides I would:
Knit 9, ((p3tog, yo, p3tog), k9)*13 repeats,(p3tog, yo, p3tog), knit 8