Partway thru, can’t access pattern, any suggestions?

I don’t know where else to ask, so here goes.

Id bought a pattern on R, which was a MKAL. Right before I closed my account, I printed all my patterns. I do not have a computer, so saving data was pretty much not an option. Unfortunately, partway thru clue 2 (of 5 or 6, I forget), my cat very kindly used my pattern holder as a litter box - peed on the paper/holder, then proceeded to attempt his cover up by scratching it to bits. It is completely destroyed.

I emailed the the designer explaining that I no longer have access to the file, what happened to my print out, and sent my invoice number. I have yet to get a response, but when I looked at her IG, I was not getting any warm fuzzies for me and my peeps, if ya catch my drift.

At a loss as to what to do. I did not yet receive the updated copy via email (where they squish all the clues together), and do truly love the pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions? I emailed the designer about 2 weeks ago.

Uh, yeah. I’m having the same issue with a VERY FAMOUS knitwear designer who released two pattern updates this week. I received email notification from her that the updates were available…on R. I emailed her to ask for an alternative way to download the updates, letting her know that I do not use R. By the way, that’s literally how I put it. No drama, just " I don’t use R". One of her people replied back that there was NO alternative for me to receive updates on patterns that I have purchased, except through R.

That’s some stellar customer service you’ve got there. I own 9 patterns from this rather pricey designer, are you kidding me that you won’t find a way to support your designs off that site?!

@Tomtomknits Casey did state that those that left the sites would not lose their patterns. I’d try emailing him or at least the contact email at Rav to see what can be done. It might be that they’ll only supply you a copy of your JSON, but it’s still worth asking.

ETA: And I’ll add that both previous posters have received some really really poor customer service.

I downloaded all of my patterns prior to leaving R, so I do have them. The problem right now is that I can’t receive pattern updates (errata,extended sizes, etc…) without going through R. As much as I may want to blame R for my troubles, I really can’t.
It is up to the designer to provide customer service to those who have supported them by purchasing a pattern.

@Tomtomknits @BonBon I am still on R, slowly cleaning up my pattern library.
I could possibly assist by communicating/advocating from my account there…?

There are also the usual channels for escalating consumer issues in the US:

  1. State Department of Consumer Affairs. [INDENT]As the internet reports R is headquartered in Salem, MA… this would be the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.…ation/services[/INDENT]

  2. Better Business Bureau. [INDENT]
    The Customer Reviews are interesting: 22 total.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]- One 1-star review in 2017,

  • Twenty-one 5-star reviews in the 5 day period from July 10, 2019 to July 14, 2019.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]Possibly the recent reviews are a coordinated effort? Possibly preparing for complaints?[/INDENT]

Like I commented to knitterlady13, in my case (can’t access errata or other updates from previously purchased patterns without going through R), I don’t feel like R is responsible for this. It’s the designer who refuses to provide errata/update access outside of R. I’m not sure I have a ‘valid’ complaint, since I could easily click the link that takes me to R to download the updates. You don’t have to be a member to retrieve the update. I simply refuse to use that platform for any purpose. I have a feeling, this one is on me. HOWEVER, the designer (if she wanted to provide great customer service) should consider direct access to pattern updates through her website or some other entity, maybe Etsy??

By the way, thank you for those links! Very handy :slight_smile:

@BonBon - Yes, now that I have a fuller understanding of the circumstances, I agree that you do not have legal complaint. Although I do not agree with R’s recent actions, I also believe that it is in the designer’s best interests to provide pattern updates to customers on the same platform through which they were sold/purchased, especially since one does not need to have an account or sign in to access the free updates. It actually sounds like very good customer service.

You mentioned wishing pattern updates would be made available to you through another storefront or a designer website. Did the designer have patterns and updates available through a website or another storefront at the time you made your pattern purchase in R? If a designer does not already have a storefront at another site (such as Etsy), they would incur a cost to create and maintain one. It can also be time-consuming. Similarly, if a designer has a website it could be costly to update that to provide downloadable PDF files. That said, PDF files can often be attached and sent via email… but it seems that would entail sharing contact information between parties who are not very comfortable with each other at this point.

I’m thinking the anonymous download may be an option worth considering… receiving what is rightfully yours from the designer does not indicate you agree with R, rather it indicates that they have no power over you; you can confidently claim what is yours. I’m guessing that the designer’s pattern updates remain available so there is no rush to decide?

Thank you everyone for your support! At this time, I’m going to put it on hold and wait for the consolidated pattern to be put out, as everyone has said I will receive updates. Maybe that will be a better time to do so, and I can forward the request then to Casey somehow if I don’t hear back from the designer.

@Tomtomknits - for a March KAL with a promise of 5 weekly updates and an update to the full pattern upon completion of the KAL, it seems that the 5 weeks would have ended in April. Two months have passed since that time (May and June) and a third month has nearly passed (July).

Rather than requesting pattern replacement (which they would most likely not be obligated to provide since the pattern damage was not their fault or responsibility), you might want to phrase your inquiries in terms of them not providing access to the updated, full pattern in the timeframe indicated. Providing you with the full pattern at the end of the KAL is their responsibility. You might ask what their current estimate is, for the date on which they will provide you with the full pattern via email.

If you think about your goals in avoiding use of a particular site, you may come up with an alternative solution. For example, if you wanted to avoid contributing to the site’s advertising revenue you might select a web browser and ad blocker combination that permits access to the site and downloading of files, but prevents ads from displaying. I am not an IT guru, nor do I play one on TV, but that might meet your needs.

This thread is voicing many of my same ‘frustrations’. I had purchased a designer’s mystery pack - 1 pattern to be released a month for 6 months. I LOVE this designers work and patterns, but I can’t access the remaining patterns. I get the email but you have to go through R to get them. Paid for, great patterns, but this is a sore spot with me.

Awww I’m so sorry to hear about your pattern… I know kitty didn’t mean it.

I don’t think I’ll be much help. I was going to say to try e-mailing the designer again.

I used to do MKALs and when they were finished the designer would consolidate all the clues and offer one complete pattern. I think it’s entirely fair to ask for it as you have already paid for the complete pattern (and can provide the invoice). But, I don’t know the specific rules of this person’s MKAL.

If you reach out to the designer again, maybe add the words “FOLLOW UP” or “PLEASE KINDLY ADVISE” somewhere in the subject line. (I hope you’re not winding up in a spam folder somehow… I’m not saying done on purpose, just that these things happen.)

Wishing you the best! :blush:

Hi… That’s what I was worried about. But if it’s not specific in the MKAL rules, then I think there should be an alternative. Or a refund. I’m sorry. I can only imagine how many people are in this situation. Like my response to the original poster, I hope this works out for you, too. Good luck! :purple_heart: