Our New Name

There was a lot of discussion about name, we came up with this name spur of the moment in a time of transition. We didn’t anticipate the outpouring of support and excitement around the new community. As we move away from our past and look toward the future of the community and the fiber arts we all enjoy we’ve decided to adopt a more forward looking name. Over the next week I will be transitioning both the community and marketplace over to the new naming, no data will be lost!! We will maintain all the posts and user accounts, all the setting and products, it will just be a new logo and web address. We will also redirect the existing addresses to the new name so users don’t get lost when coming to find us.

So now, without further ado:

[SIZE=14px]fiber fi·ber /ˈfībər/
noun[/SIZE] [LIST=1]

  • [SIZE=14px] A thread or a filament from which a textile is formed. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=14px] a. An element that gives texture or substance[/SIZE] [/LIST][SIZE=14px] b.basic toughness: strength, fortitude c.essential structure or character

    kind /kīnd/
    noun[/SIZE] [LIST=1]

  • [SIZE=14px]a group united by common traits or interests[/SIZE] [/LIST][SIZE=14px][I] adjective[/I][/SIZE] [LIST=1]
  • [SIZE=14px]having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate natur[/SIZE]e [/LIST] [SIZE=16px]Who are we? We are a community of people who love the fiber arts. This is our space to share ideas, learn from each other, and be united in our love of crafting. The world today seems to be so divided and focused on what makes us different from each other. This is a place to put differences aside and find our common ground. Kindness and respect rule here.[/SIZE]


  • Love, love, love it!!

    @Admin I love this!! That’s a great name and the logo is terrific!

    This is a great name!!



    Love the new name and logo!!!

    I just love it! Hits all the right notes as to who we are what we want to stand for.


    I’m proud to be a part of this community.:heart:

    Nice transition! Time to leave the past behind.

    Love it. Fresh start!

    I love it!!!

    Love the name! Love the logo!

    Lovely new name.

    It will be a bit of a process getting everything switched over but it should be mostly behind the scenes. I’m going to do the community first and move the marketplace over after. I’ll redirect all the traffic from vb.ourunraveled and ourunraveled to the new site probably tomorrow morning so no matter what URL you hit it’ll take you to the right place.

    As in everything you have done so far, EXCELLENT!! I am so excited about the new name, and I think it fits what we are all trying to accomplish perfectly.:heart:

    I can’t imagine a better name, I absolutely love it.

    So “We Got”
    People Talking Fiber

    it just gets better every day around here.

    and the best part ?

    It ALL WORKS!!!