Other uses for sock yarn....

Sock yarn is for socks—sometimes! Feel free to share other fun ideas for a ball of sock yarn.

So I came across this pattern and website. What a cute idea!

I wove this scarf using Premier Serenity Sock yarn. It was one of my first weaving projects.


I’ve made many things using sock yarn, including sweaters, hats scarves shawls and cowls. It’s really my go to yarn for most projects, as I love the lighter weight yarn. I’m also using sock yarn for the “Sophie’s Universe” blanket that’s been in a time out for a little while - it should be a lap or throw size when finished.

This is gorgeous!

Thanks! @FreedomLover

I am eager to weave some sock yarn scarves. This is beautiful!

@rkennell Thank you!

I bet that will be amazing to see! Keep us posted on updates!

Sort of new here but jumping in to add since it seems to fit . :slight_smile:
Just finished a few minutes ago, a winter hat using two strands, approx. 60 grams of knit picks Stroll sock yarn in Forged Tonal color .
Never made a hat before so it is rather simple , but was motivated because I wanted to learn how to do a tubular cast on.


It looks incredibly comfy! Thanks for jumping in and sharing! The more the merrier. :slight_smile: It’s neat to see all these ideas for sock yarn projects outside of socks.

That is pretty! How did you like the tubular cast on?

@Char I liked it :slight_smile: Like the fit , the finished thick edge , cast on is very stretchy that worked out well because the ribbing was done with one size smaller needle.

This is such a great hat for your first one. I love to knit hats, they are a fairly quick project and a good use of leftover yarn. I haven’t done a tubular cast on yet, another thing to add to the list.

Great hat!

And now I want to knit a hat again–that cast on looks like a good one for hats.