Other hobbies besides crafts

We live in the South of Finland next to the sea - in Summer we like to sail in the Finnish archipelago, https://www.google.com/search?q=suom…h=748&biw=1528 where there are the most islands in the world, so vigilant navigation is really important.

One of the good things about sailing is that it’s a “home away from home” - we pack the boat in the spring and then just travel from place to place without having to haul luggage. Sailing is great - it’s a silent way of moving in nature and waking up in a new beautiful harbor every morning :slight_smile:

It would be cool to hear what others do when they are not engaged in their craft - or is there already a thread for this topic?




There is a group here called Travel Talk that you might enjoy. Your sailing trips sound wonderful, it must be lovely discovering so many new places in such an easy going way.

thank you, @FreedomLover, for pointing me to the right direction :slight_smile:

@sheiskanen - I am drooling over your sailboat. You are welcome to post here, too, as I don’t think that group is very active. We have several that were started, but sometimes they are hard to find. Here on the home page things are quite visible!

thank you, @Char, it would be fun to learn about other members’ hobbies - obviously, some like to keep their distance, but some might find it brings us closer :slight_smile:

@sheiskanen - I’m trying to figure out if I have other non-crafty hobbies. :slight_smile: I love camping, but part of that is because I can go outside, curl up with my knitting and coffee and listen to the birds. :fk:

@Char - you painted a beautiful picture! <3

My husband and I like to go glamping; we have an RV. :slight_smile: Before COVID, I used to visit boatyards frequently, as for my work I create owners manuals for custom yachts. But my boatyard trips are on hold these days.

I also enjoy running,
spinning, dyeing yarn and serving with my local pregnancy center.

Wow, I wish I could go sailing or glamping. Still, I do have a few non-craft hobbies - I read voraciously; I love music and movies; I enjoy wildlife and have made a wildlife friendly garden that draws in hedgehogs, birds and insects of many species including woodpeckers and dragonflies, as well as voles, squirrels, bats, and the odd fox; I also grow my own fruit and this year am prepping to make a large amount of plum jam, sauce and chutney from my glut of plums. Of course, even as I type I am scoffing juicy golden plums - nothing like fresh from the tree!

Ohhh, chutney! That is one of my favorite things! It is interesting to read that you have hedgehogs in the wild and that you can get them to come to your garden. Here, they are only kept as pets. They are cute little things. What do yours look like?

Like this (the small and prickly chap, that is, not the big fluffy boy who takes advantage of the odd bit of cat food I offer the hedgies). Actually this is a small one, there are some twice the size in my garden but they tend to only come out at dusk.


Thanks for the picture. They look just like here. I’m trying to imagine the big guys, I bet they are cute too! Do you consider them nuisances or are they just friendlies who visit?

The biggies are lovely, they are usually females. Last year I had two females in the back garden who littered 4 piggies each, and one in the front who had 6 babies. They are very welcome because they eat slugs and snails (kind of sorry for the snails, but not the slugs), and various insect pests. They also appear to enjoy windfall plums, or maybe they are just after insects that are scoffing the fruit. They make adorable grunting noises, and the babies tend to squeak.

That sounds adorable! I can’t imagine having baby hedgehogs running around.

Aww! That really does sound cute. I bet they are a lot of fun to watch!

I do love spending quiet evenings in summer watching the hedgies trundle about. I even made earth ramps alongside my steps because I saw a little one struggling to get down the step, so now they can get about easily. I hang half coconuts filled with fat on my bird feeder, and put the emptied ones on the soil; one way up they catch rainwater for the visitors, and the other way up they attract bugs so the hedgehogs treat them as a larder. I love it, especially when the bats and moths are zooming about overhead (my cat Zorro hates the bats, he won’t sit high up at dusk because they scare him skimming past).

@Char - I’m very visual and like to look at other people’s photos - here some of mine - a clip and pics from our sailing trips


They sound like amazing visitors and so much fun to watch.

What a show they put on for you.

That is a great picture you’ve painted for us. It sounds rather enchanting, much like how I feel when I hear bird concerts. And you’re so kind to build the ramps, what a great idea! It lets nature come to you and is a very relaxing, pleasant pastime. I’m so glad you have something like this to enjoy!