Orthodox_Maiden's "Knots of Prayer"

A prayer rope/chotki/komboskini is a rope of special, complex knots used for praying the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.)

I have four available at the moment. All are 33 knots, symbolizing the 33 years of Christ’s life on earth. One is made from black wool yarn, with one red wooden bead, two are made from a red yarn of unknown type…probably synthetic, though it could be a mix. They have one wooden bead, not colored, and the fourth is a purplish color, a natural fiber blend. The first attached photo shows these. I’m also including some pictures of some of the prayer ropes I’ve made in the past, including my own 100-knot prayer rope. These are in the 2nd and third photos. Photo descriptions when you open each photo.

Price for each 33-knot chotki is $20. I put a lot of time into these, and the knots are very complex. PM me if interested and we can work out payment. Shipping cost inside the USA is $3.00.

I can trim the longer tassels shorter if you would like, or you can trim it when you receive the prayer rope. Don’t worry about the knots coming undone if the tassel is shorter…these knots, according to the story behind the prayer rope, couldn’t even be untied by the devil. They are incredibly tight!

Each chotki will come with the story of the “Angelic Knot.”

As before stated, these are $20 each, shipping $3.00 inside the USA.