Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

[h=1][SIZE=36px]OREGON[/SIZE][/h] [h=1][SIZE=36px]FLOCK & FIBER[/SIZE][/h] [h=1][SIZE=36px]FESTIVAL[/SIZE][/h] [h=1][SIZE=46px][SIZE=26px]September 28th & 29th, 2019[/SIZE][/SIZE][/h] [h=1][SIZE=22px]Clackamas County Event Center[/SIZE][/h] [SIZE=22px]Canby, Oregon[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]The Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, established in 1997, is a family-friendly fiber arts festival.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Our mission is to exhibit and demonstrate the full spectrum of natural fibers (plant and animal) from beginning to end, from the animal or raw fiber to the finished product. We celebrate all fiber arts, and every craft from weaving to felting to basketmaking is represented at the festival. The festival includes three days of workshops, and a weekend filled with demonstrations, livestock shows, seminars, kids’ activities, and an expansive marketplace for a wide array of fiber goods and accessories.

We are proud to have many wonderful fiber products and talented artisans in our marketplace each year. We extend special thanks to the merchants below for their support, and invite you to browse our full 2019 vendor list here.[/SIZE]