Optional new feature: Status emoji

Hey everyone! Just for fun, I’ve enabled a new User Status feature. Hover over the teacup by my name to see an example!

Click on your avatar to bring up the menu with your notifications and stuff, then on the :bust_in_silhouette: icon. At the top of the list you’ll see the option to set your status. Pick anything you like, be as creative as you want… it’s up to you. Change it according to your current WIP or leave it permanently on something (like me, because I’m always drinking tea).

This is completely optional and you don’t have to do anything with it. The only change you’ll see is that some folks have an emoji by their name.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day :four_leaf_clover: , and have a great weekend!


Awesome :star_struck:

That is so cool :sunglasses: