Online project tracker!

Ok there’s an app called knitCompanion you can download it from your App Store and upload your patterns from ravelry OR Dropbox (also a free app). You can create project notes, there’s a highlighter, 6 different counters and I love it! I just found out about it from very pink knits, she did a video about it on YouTube.

Isn’t it for iPad only? Thanks

Yes, I was just thinking yesterday of posting something about this app here on Fiberkind–so I am glad you did! I LOVE using it, especially when I have row-by-row charts, but my favorite part of the app is the sliding line highlighting whatever row I’m on in the pattern! I also love that I can put it on my phone and my tablet, so I’ll always have my pattern handy on the go! I’d love to get them to open a thread here on Fiberkind so they can answer questions, just like they did on the Ravelry site. @Admin , would that be possible to have them to have a forum for their app?

No - there is an android version as well. I believe both have a paid and free version and a paid version. the apple devices have the ability of an additional tier of add ons. I use the full iPad version, and love it. A lot. Especially when working with large or complex patterns.

I wonder - do they have a presence here? That would be awesome if they did.

I’m not a aware of this if they do; I’d love to see it happen! I have the paid Android version and I really do like it. I wasn’t aware the apple version had more to offer. I will resist…I’m still an Android person! :slight_smile:

I have the full paid Android version–I love it!!