I have always disliked onions…usually pick them out of food if I can get away with it. For the past week or more, I have had an intense craving for, of all things, an onion sandwich. Not something I ever heard of, that I remember, and it really surprises me. I finally gave in to the craving today and enjoyed, first of all, a grilled cheese and onion sandwich; second, a raw onion sandwich with “branch” (barbeque sauce and ranch dressing) in a hamburger bun, and third, another grilled cheese and onion sandwich with the branch. Not sure if I’ve gone crazy, am having some sort of liver problem, or what. Do you have any experience with this?

I think you should go with what your body craves when it come to veggies. I like onions so that onion sandwich sounds good to me. Fried onions an onion blossom, oh boy. A fresh green onion right out of the garden, all good. I have craved greens. Salty or sweet foods. Might be a good idea to have a check up. But have that onion sandwich also. When I was in my teens I craved ice , that might have been an iron thing. So your body tells you what you need in the form of food cravings. What could be better, really!. Hope your craving subsides and you enjoy those onions :slight_smile:

I think that hormonal changes can influence our likes and dislikes when it comes to food and scents. I am one of those “super sniffer” people which can be both good and bad. Certain times of the month I get an EXTRA super sniffer and just about any food with a moderate scent seems stronger. They say that diminishes with age, but my nose seems to smell even more! (I’m almost 50, so I guess we’ll see in another 5 or so years.) Anyway, I have noticed that some foods that I used to love now I can’t stand the thought of eating and no longer like the taste or texture. OTOH, some foods that I used to really dislike, I now like quite a lot. Odd, but normal I think. I rarely drink coffee anymore because while I still like the taste, to me it smells like someone is brewing cat pee (LOL!) So if I drink coffee it’s usually driving thru Starbucks because I can’t smell it brewing. My husband bought one of those Chemex brewers and I’m so glad because the coffee scent is mild (since it’s not in a traditional coffee maker), so I can drink coffee at home again if I feel like it. If I could just stop liking chocolate…

ETA: re the onions, I love them cooked, but have never liked them raw. Cook them in a little butter with a sprinkle of salt and I could eat a big bowl of them!

What an interesting craving. They are supposed to be good for your cholesterol, if I remember correctly. I love onions in all forms.

I have found that my sense of smell has gotten stronger in the past few years (and I’m well past 50). In my case it think it had something to do with my sinuses clearing after giving up wheat (gluten) and dairy!

What was really funny, was when I was eating the second onion sandwich…one of our cats hopped up, stared at my sandwich as if to say, “What. is. that?!” and quickly left! LOL!

Love onions - garlic does not agree with me. Hated pumpkin pie as a youngster but now it’s my most requested pie at family gatherings. I think our tastes change as we age - something about the taste receptors on our tongue getting “worn down.”

I grew up with onion sandwiches, white bread, mayo and a slice of onion. YUM.

I never heard of that. I’ll have to try it.

Tastes do change. It’s a good thing or we’d all have the limited diets of two year olds.

I hated onions when I was a child, they were always over-cooked, the flavour was cooked right out of them and the texture was horrible. Now, I love onions that are just cooked and no more, so I it was probably the cooking method that was putting me off rather than the onions themselves. I think our bodies tell us when we need something, so as long as it is not something actually dangerous and you are in good health generally, I say go ahead and enjoy it.

I do agree that our tastes change – I never used to like cheese, but I do now. I still don’t like the really smelly cheeses, though. I have also gone off chocolate a bit. I was never a fan of dark chocolate, too bitter for my taste, but I used to love milk chocolate and now I find milk chocolate is too sweet. I have had really good quality, high-cocoa, low-sugar milk chocolate that I quite liked, but not as much as I used to when I was younger, and not enough to justify paying the high price of it, so it is now just an occasional treat.

My grandmother used to hold “stinky parties” out on her front porch when I was a child. She made onion and limburger cheese sandwiches and they were oddly good. All the neighbors used to come over and we’d all eat intensely stinky food. :slight_smile:

Lol I have no idea why you suddenly crave onions but one of my favourite sandwiches is Swiss cheese and red onion. yummy

What is your favorite bread for this sandwich??? It sounds awesome.

@DJM I am a big fan of dark sourdough bread sliced thinly. so good…