October 2022

Good morning and happy October. My friend who is staying here for a bit has been decorating my front porch. Mums, pumpkins, cornucopia, it is so cute. She loves doing this type of thing. :slight_smile:

I’m busily cutting - nothing exciting about that.

What crafts do you want to do in October?


In october I knit hats. In another group I am in we try and knit a marathon of hats in Feb and Oct. I joined to knit 26 hats this month. Luckily baby hats count.


@Char Thank you for starting the October thread.

We could do an Anything Fall Y’all month.
Which would let us choose if we wanted to do a fall items or just use fall colors.

@crosstitchlinda I really do need to practice making hats this year. Our family hat maker will no longer be making them for us. So, I either have to figure this out or buy them every single year.
What pattern and yarn do you recommend for larger heads?


I like the Ann Budd Basic Hat, you can use any yarn or needles. Makes from newborn to large adult. If you have lots of fingering weight yarn, the LOSY hat is a nice one. (Left Over Sock Yarn).


Thank you @crosstitchlinda . I found her basic hat on another site.
However…I also found her personal web site. Have you guys seen this rocking chair! Apparently you can sit, rock, read or knit. When you rock back and forth the Rocking Chair knits a hat.



I had seen that chair before! Sounds like fun!


You get new hats every year ?


I “need” several new hats every year because I love to knit them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got sidetracked on making baby things for the Let Them Live MAL on IG and didn’t get my September stuffy finished. It is especially bad because it was meant to be a present for my bestie which is today and I only have the body finished (and I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with it :unamused:). So for the moment, my only goals are to finish my friend’s Queen Elizabeth II doll and also to get the shawl my sister commissioned for her best friend’s birthday present done ASAP as her birthday is the 6th of October. After that, I must get started on Christmas knitting because I am already a month behind on what I had planned!


Char - you weren’t on the Zoom call when I told my story about putting fall decorations on my front porch. I grew corn in the garden this year so I put my dried cornstalks in the corner of the house right off the front porch. I put a pumpkin in front of the stalks. I had some Fall wired ribbon so I made a bow and went out to tie it on the cornstalks. Hubby had tied the cornstalks with twine so I went to twist the bow’s wire around the twine. Just as I touched the cornstalks, I heard a rustling of the stalks and felt something run across my foot! I was so freaked out. I screamed and jumped around - because jumping around really helps! My dogs were watching through the glass of the storm door and my screaming made them start barking. I turned around and saw a little rabbit hiding on the other side of some bushes. I think it was traumatized!

My favorite front porch decoration is using those seasonal pillow covers you can get on Amazon. I have a chair on my porch and I love putting a seasonal pillow on it. You should have seen my fall covers on the Amazon affiliate purchase list! I got four covers for $15. The one I put out now is a scarecrow and one of the others will be good for Thanksgiving.


@lovestostitch I am envisioning the scene. :joy::joy:

Thank you for using the affiliate link - every bit helps!!! :fk:

My friend who stays with me had some things going on and needed an ear. I was glad to be that for her. She was much better yesterday so that is good…. :slight_smile:

I’m still cutting and cutting. Lol

Almost done though. Then I’ll get back to my NICU blankets. :slight_smile:


A few weeks ago I received a request/commission from a friend at church. She really likes the color, and I now have another use for my dk cotton yarn. I usually use worsted/aran.

ETA: Okay, that is a bigger picture than I expected…


That is very nice!!! I bet that will help keep her hands from getting burned and help them drink stay warm :slight_smile:


Bowl cozies are a great use of cotton yarn. If they are 100% cotton you can put them in the microwave. It’s hard to get a hit bowl out of the microwave using potholders but if you put the bowl in the bowl cozy before putting it in the microwave, it’s easy to get the bowl out. We use bowl cozies all the time. You can knit or crochet them with cotton yarn or sew them using cotton fabric, cotton thread and cotton batting like Char does.

Here’s a pattern. I don’t know where I got my pattern but this one looks the same.


Yes, I have a pattern for those as well, but I usually use #4 kitchen cotton for them. I have a very large supply of dk cotton, thanks to the ‘22 Hobby Lobby clearance sale, and I am learning what I can use it for, other than washcloths.

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The handle also makes a nice way to carry the cup after it is empty. Just flip it around and have the cup on the back of the hand, and your hand is available to carry something else.


And this helper wants to take up as much space as possible. Lol


I love it when they have their back legs out like that! It always cracks me up :laughing:


Yes. The men in the family wear them almost daily from late fall till spring. I taught my daughter the basics of knitting and crochet. She very quickly far surpassed my ability to do either. Her holiday gifts to them were her awesome hats/beanies. They were perfect colors and fit their heads as if she had taken personal measurements of their skulls.

She is amazing. She can visualize what she wants to make, scribble a few reminders on a piece of paper and complete a project in amazingly short amount of time. (I always made sure to praise her work and her abilities)

She didn’t teach me how to make a hat before she left home.
Last year I did make a hat that I will wear on my morning walks. However, it is not good enough to give my men.

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@Char I thought about you and your quilting today. I found this children’s book while I was out and about. I plan on putting in my local Free Little Library, for families to enjoy.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make the pictures smaller? They seem awkwardly huge.

edit: Thank you for the help Char.