October 2020 Chatter

Welcome to October!

Here in the US we are unofficially entering fall weather, the leaves are turning beautiful colors. Pumpkin spice seems to be everywhere we look. It is my favorite season.

Wherever you are, I hope you are blessed and healthy!

Happy Thursday everyone! :slight_smile: What are you up to today?

I’m working for a short spell this morning, then hoping to go do a garage visit with mom. :slight_smile:

Took the cats to the groomer - boy was that a chore! They were not happy at all, but I’m sure it will make them feel like new kitties.

Putzing in the kitchen, groceries delivered this morning, making chicken broth. I finished up a charity hat early, haven’t sat down again until now. I must say that my DD @Char and family are very good to us, and she visits really often. We are so blessed :heart::heart:

Howdy! I have to work too.

Enjoy your visit! I’ll be trying to whack out a bunch of mowing today, hopefully this will be one of the last mowings this year. We are getting frost nearly every night so the grass should stop growing, fingers crossed!

I ran errands this morning and this afternoon I’ve got some housework and more knitting on my Gwendolyn Lace Shawl.

Sounds like awesome days!!! :slight_smile:

It must be pet day. I’m taking one dog to the vet for lab work and the other dog will go along so she doesn’t drive my husband crazy. When mommy leaves with her sister, she howls until we come back. If hubby and I leave the two of them home, she is fine but being left with just daddy is not good enough - even though he plays ball with her and dispenses way more treats than me! The vet does curbside visits. They come outside and get your pet. We will just be waiting in the car - knitting!

I got in the dyeing mood so I dyed one skein for my October socks. It’s still soaking as I used way too much dye in my desire for an intense spicy orange. Now I’m washing and washing, trying to get rid of the excess dye.

Since I was in the mood, I dyed some sparkle yarn for my December socks. I decided to try the technique where you dip your skein into the kettle of dye a section at a time to get a gradient. It’s still cooling but I think it turned out well.


Looks great!!!

I’m so in the mood to dye but I only have a few blank skeins and I won’t be able to buy more until at least January so I don’t want to use them. I know it doesn’t make sense. Lol

Looks great!

@lovestostitch I am looking forward to seeing your gradient sparkle yarn. That sounds fun. Oh yeah…and to see the projects you create with these newly dyed yarns.

I have never dyed anything, so it seems like magic to me.

Happy Friday everyone! I slept in today - apparently I needed that. Time to get up and moving now.

Don’t forget to share your Finished Object Friday!! I didn’t finish anything, but my socks are just past the heels. So - next week I should have a FO or two. :slight_smile:

@hereami - It’s so fun to dye. I think it helps if you don’t have an exact requirement for the outcome. I haven’t dyed anything that I didn’t enjoy. Food dyes are easy to use because they aren’t toxic and the only thing you have to worry about is not making a food coloring mess.

The sparkle is really pretty. I’ll try to get a good picture today but it is almost impossible to get the sparkle to show up in a picture.

I finished some hats this week! Hopefully I’ll finish some socks and work on my WIPs this next week.






Great looking hats!

Thank you @Kathy7661

So pretty!!

Thank you @DJM