November - ? leaves

I just love the fall leaves. Such natural beauty around us.

That and @Carlota has me really wanting me to make a maple leaf quilt. :slight_smile:

I love autumn leaves too, but living in the desert, I don’t get to see very many. I am going to have to knit myself a few now that you’ve put the idea in my head!

Where I live the authorities have done a good job of planning what trees people are allowed plant along the major roads or along the highways. So…there are beautiful Chinese Pistashe planted in business parking lots. There are others too but this one is especially showing right now.

Does anyone have a favorite leaf pattern or leaf craft idea they can share. I am feeling a bit out of sorts today and can’t decide on anything.

Here is what a simple search brought up in pictures.

Love what the search provided! These would make excellent fall wreaths

That shawl is gorgeous!! I might try that for something like that for my November project.

There were some nice shawls in there.

@KnitsWithHorses - I’ll try to remember to get a picture for you tomorrow. I have beautiful red maple trees in every direction outside. I love their color!

That shawl is awesome!

I picked up some leaves in our backyard today and decided to make this. It’s not crafty - exactly - but I like it!


The Maple Leaf Shawl has been in my queue for several years (no rush, eh?). I even have the yarn for it and the pattern printed. It is what came to mind when I saw that the November theme was leaves. Might be the incentive I need to git 'er done!

I love this!! This was one of my mama’s favorite verses. And I’m a little jealous of the beautiful variety of leaves you have!

@KnitsWithHorses - Here are the fall color pictures I promised.




Good Monday morning everyone! Happy November!

Yesterday after I finished the zipper pouches I made several towel boas / towel scarves. I’m having difficulty deciding what other folks might want. Lol

Next week is my training. I think this week I’ll cut some easy stuff to bring with me and work on next week while I am there. I think the hardest part is deciding what to pair up. :slight_smile:

Happy November.
Lately, I have been watching the Baseball World Series and trying to finish repairing an old afghan.
I know very little about either team.
I am rooting for the team who is behind. That way the series last longer and I have more time to finish.

Motivation and desire to craft is very low for me at the moment. I am trying a few tricks to get going again.

Sharing some sad news… We lost a dear, sweet, young man to suicide last week. Ethan was only 23. He leaves behind, his brother, mom, dad, and countless friends and relatives. We have know this family for over 18 years.

We had a close friend/neighbor commit suicide in the middle of Sept, and now Ethan in October. And my eldest lost a co-worker to suicide last week as well.
The grief of those left behind is a terrible weight that I haven’t figured out how to help carry.

The ones we have lost were too quiet about their inner struggles. Smiling happy faces, outwardly able to ‘shake off’ every problem as they walked along in this journey.

Please, reach out when you need help. There is no shame in asking for help.

I don’t think I am wrong in saying here at FiberKind we appreciate all of you crafters. We want only the best for you…always.

~Here are a couple of resources that are trained to help~

National Suicide Prevention hot line 1-800-273-talk

:fk:Please, take a moment and show your love and appreciation to the people in your lives. NOT only your loved ones…but those you meet as you journey through this life.

Good afternoon all. It is going to be a brisk week here. I’m afraid fall is officially settling in.

I’ve been busily making towel scarfs. And I just unpacked my totes from the retreat and I have several bowl cozies in various stages of done. I’m working on getting those done as well. :slight_smile:



Beautiful!! Thank you!

I will be scarce for a few days. I mentioned Friday that my SIL was in the hospital on a respirator. She passed away Friday night. I will be going to MI for the funeral. Leaving Tues, visitation on Wed, and funeral on Thurs. Home again Thurs night.

I am so sorry for all of them. These last couple of years are taking a bigger toll than is obvious.

My condolences, Linda. May she rest in peace and all her loved ones find comfort.