November 2021 Sock KAL Chat

This is the thread to chat about our socks. Share pictures of your yarn and pattern ideas here.

This month’s theme: Holidays! Use a holiday inspired pattern.

This month’s color: Holiday colors

I’ve been knitting socks at our training this week. I’m sure I won’t be finished by the end of the month, but hey!


Neat pattern and really pretty yarn.

I love this pattern.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It felt good knitting again…. But I can’t do it long. I made it to the heel on one sock for two 8 hour days of training.

I did the first sock trying to avoid jogs in the stripes by slipping the first stitch of each color change at the end of the row. It did work for making jogless stripes but you can just slightly see a line made by the traveling strands. You can see the traveling strands on the inside on the last picture.

On our Zoom chat, Char suggested doing it helical but I had tried and couldn’t figure out how to get two rows of the white. Char saved the day by suggesting I make the white into two balls and set it up as three colors. What an easy solution! It worked great and the fabric is more stretchy than the sock with the traveling strands. I’m going to frog the first sock and reknit it doing helical. Helical really is magical!




I made helical socks a few months ago and agree completely, it is magical!

@lovestostitch, where did you get that green?

@PurlgirlButtons - I dyed it using Wilton’s gel. I’m pretty sure it was Kelly Green. I can check if you want me to.

I want to remind everyone that this month’s prize is the last one we have that was donated by Anonymous. If anyone would like to donate a prize for future sock KALs, please let me know.

I finished my holiday socks just in time to start wearing them to feel festive for any December outings. The colorway is called Mistletoe Kisses by the amazing Emily at Turtlepurl yarns. She dyes sock sets to make perfectly matched pairs that cause the knitter to look like a stripe knitting genius. This pair is my personal go-to vanilla recipe. I love how they turned out! :slight_smile:


Very nice!

Thank you, @Pegg Thomas

Looks like you’re smocking :blush:. How did it feel knitting again? And, how was the training?