Notification issues

@Admin - I got a notification that someone had posted on one of my subscriptions. I clicked on the location in the notification and got the following message:
Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.
Please try logging in or logging in as different user Login or send a message to the admin

I went to the profile page of the person who made the post and under her activity, I could see the post. I clicked on the location listed in her post and was taken to the correct page and was able to view the page.

@Admin - I keep getting the notification that I mentioned in the previous post. I have gotten it on different group notifications and they are groups that I regularly visit. I will get a notification that someone has posted on my subscription but when I click on it, I randomly get the message that I’m not authorized to view the page.

You aren’t alone. Most of my notifications tell me the same thing.

I recently messaged the Admin on the same issue…it was explained to me that possibly the person had deleted their comment, which was the case. But if you were able to see it, I don’t think it was deleted.

I’m going to have to watch for that next time. I’m not sure now that I did read a comment from that specific person. I just know that I was able to get onto the page and read comments when I went to it a different way.

Yeah, I get that notification every now and then, also.

It’s because people wanted to be allowed to delete their own posts, so when someone posts something, then decides to delete it the notification has already gone out. When you click on the notification the post is gone and it give the unauthorized message since regular users aren’t authorized to see deleted messages.

This is becoming increasingly problematic… to the point where it may just be easier to remove the ability to delete posts.

@Admin , is there a way to customize the message the person sees in this situation, rather than throwing up a generic “You are not authorized to view this page” message? Or does the system not give you that kind of error-handling granularity?

@Admin - I agree that changing the notification message is preferable. I don’t think taking the delete function away is a good idea. If people change their minds about saying what they did, it could be a very good thing that they can delete their post. I think you will get as many or more bothersome questions if you remove the delete button.

I too hope it would not be a big project to have the message read " the content may have been removed or is no longer available"

I can think of more than a few times when I have thought better of a posting and gone back and deleted it for any number of reasons from poor grammar to probably wish I had NOT said that.

I also agree that changing the notification is preferable. I deleted a post the other day because I somehow managed to post it twice.