Nonotuck Silken Lace Bag -- Free Pattern

My one and only, but hopefully not last, knitting pattern is available free at . The Nonotuck Silken Lace Bag is a fingering-weight small knitted drawstring bag that’s great for abount 100 yards of leftover sock yarn. Mine worked up to about 6"x8" after blocking.



That is just lovely!!! It would be perfect “presentation bag” to hold a pair of homemade socks!!!

What a lovely pattern!!! Thank you for sharing on the site. :):slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern.

Thanks for the pattern :slight_smile:
I added it my ever growing collection but made sure it is readable by my screen reader, and it is:)
Now if only I could find more time to craft lol

I think I may start a thread in my group for free patterns, can I add yours?

Thank you for your generosity! What a lovely pattern.

Yes, I’d be happy for you to add mine :slight_smile: Can you tell me more about how you use the screen reader for patterns? I try to make my work easy to read for everyone, so I want to make sure I keep these things in mind when putting together the PDFs.