New Yarn Bowl

[SIZE=14px]At a family meeting to divide some of my Great Aunt’s belongings, no one wanted her China set. It was way too fussy for everyone - 3 members of the ‘older’ generation, 4 members of the Baby-Boomers, & 4 Millennials. They decided to try to sell it on eBay and if that failed, donate to the Salvation Army. I spoke up and said, “If no one minds, I would like to get one piece. I’d like the yarn bowl.” 9 stunned stares and 1 glare (from my Mother). I persisted and got my way. Behold! My new China Yarn Bowl:[/SIZE]

China Yarn Bowl in Use.jpg

China Yarn Bowl.jpg

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

That’s beautiful! And it’s so lovely to have something useful that comes from family.

I love that! What a fantastic idea - a new use for a very special family heirloom that you can enjoy every day.

I also love your Nighshift shawl. I’m working on one of those now, too.

Thank you. I’ve been working on my Nightshift shawl since she release it. I had to put it down for some birthday knitting. Now that I’ve finished those projects, I’ve picked this back up. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it is surprisingly easy.

This is one of expensive wooden yarn bowl seen on Amazon, what’s your thoughts about this yarn bowl it has two crochet hook set too.

It’s beautiful!!

Your yarn bowl is beautiful. If you would care to advertise on FiberKind, I would be happy to working you on an advertisement!

That is beautiful & I love the matching crochet hooks. Yarn bowls aren’t cheap, which is why I wanted the one I asked for. I know it’s breakable, but there’s family history there and it’s functional…at least to me. :blush: