New Weaving Group

Hey, everyone, I started a weaving group - A Little Warped - so we could discuss things there as well. Please feel free to join up and start topics there.

– Deb

No hurry! I am not very familiar with this platform
either. We’ll get there.

I changed one of the settings. Could you try again, please?

Okay…so I don’t see you listed here. Are you online elsewhere?

Me, or the weaving group? The weaving group is showing up now. It is called A Little Warped.

I found your new weaving group and joined it. I am a slow learner I guess.

I joined the group, but out of curiosity, what’s the difference between the forums and groups?

Anyone can read the forums whether they are a member of OurUnraveled or not. Non-registered-members cannot post, but they can read. The groups are private. They are not even visible unless the reader is a registered member of OurUnraveled and is logged in. There are degrees of group privacy. They can be invitation-only, moderated - potential members request to join, or “public” which means that any registered user of OurUnraveled can join. I opted to make the weaving group “public.” I hope that helps to explain.

That makes sense. I had forgotten that you didn’t have to be registered to view the forums.

@DebbiRYarn , I went to check it out, but it is not showing up on the groups page for me. ??? :thinking:

Sigh. I’m still trying to get used to this platform. I must have messed up one of the settings. I’ll work on it today.

It worked! I’m in. Thank you. :grinning: