New me

Here is a new stitch that came through my Pinterest feed today. I’ve never seen it but it looks easy and produces a beautiful stitch.

@susanwayne You are right, this is a beautiful stitch. I also saw this on Pinterest and just made a washcloth for a baby gift with it. It is very simple, a nice watching TV stitch. Thanks for posting it here, I didn’t think of doing that.

That is a pretty stitch!

Oh, I like that! Thanks for posting!

Could you post a pic of what you made. How does it drape? Is it very dense? I have too many projects going so I don’t even have time to give it a try. Glad that you at least knew about it.

I agree it will be a good TV stitch IF I can remember to place the first stitch of the new stitch into the same stitch I just used! I imagine you get into a rhythm with it?

@susanwayne I just mailed the parcel off yesterday and didn’t take pics of the washcloths but will make another today and post front/back pics tomorrow.

@pinesprairie Oh don’t bother. Eventually I will get around to trying it myself. But…if you do make another…I appreciate your showing us the back as well. Few people do, but I like to see what the back will look like as well.


This was also organic cotton - sport. It drapes very nicely - the stitch works up as a very stretchy, flexible material and not too dense. A very neat looking stitch except for the edges. I don’t like the holey edges so started each row with an hdc but that didn’t fill the holes to my liking. If I were to do it again, I’d play a little more and see if I could find something better.

Unfinished Front

Unfinished Back

Finished Front

Finished Back

Unfinished Front.jpg

Unfinished Back r.jpg

Finished Front.jpg

Finished Back.jpg

Very nice!
Normally I prefer knitted washcloths but this looks very nice. Thank you for making it up!

Love all the details you gave us! How thoughtful. I really appreciate your taking the time to let us know the pitfalls and where it needs improvement. What do you think would be better for the start of a row? I also don’t like holes left at the beginning of rows. In fact instead of doing a ch 2 or 3 turn for a dc row, I do a turn and then a stacked dc. I’m not sure what it’s really called but that’s what I call it. It’s a sc on top of another sc which gets to the height of the dc and replicates the width of the dc as well as the height. No holes.

Wow! This is a new stitch for me! I really like it!

Things I’d do differently:

  • Start with a looser starting chain (or sc foundation)
  • Use hdc in the first and last stitch* - I use standing hdc’s and omit the turning chain
  • Use hdc2tog in first and last stitch if there were still ‘edge holes’
  • I only used hdc in the first stitch which would explain the edge hole on every other row (now that I really think about it)

Y’all should give it a go - you do pick up the rhythm right away.


You are the best! I have to try this with your improvements. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Great tips! Thanks for doing this!