New Ownership!

My goal for the announcements thread is to have that simply for announcements. Not because I don’t wish to have comment there, but I would like to keep it an easy place to share information with you without having to sift through other things.

So - here is a thread where you can share your thoughts about the announcement. I do hope you are all as excited as I am about this announcement.

Please also take a moment to thank @Admin and @snickerdoodle for all they did for the community.

ICYMI - here is the announcement:…-new-ownership

Please also welcome and give a big thank you to @HeatherAthebyne to the programming team. She and Admin are working together on the programming and Technical aspects of the site. THANK YOU!!!

Congratulations and thank you so much, @Char for keeping our site alive! I was so sad to hear it was going close and I know many others were as well, so from the bottom of our hearts–thank you!! @Admin and @snickerdoodle --thank you again for all you’ve done to get this going in the first place! We so appreciate the huge sacrifice you made to make this all happen.

I am so excited to see what updates will come! I’ll do my best to continue to support the site!

@Admin and @snickerdoodle - thanks for pouring your hearts into this project. Your ideas, creativity, team-building, and technical savvy are stellar! So glad you are staying around.

@Char - thanks for coming forward to take ownership… the passing of the baton!

@Char - Yeah! You will be a great new leader! Thank you to @Admin and @snickerdoodle for all you have done. So happy that Fiberkind will still be here for all of us.

@Char - Eeek!!! How exciting for you & [SIZE=14px]Congratulations[/SIZE]! Thank you for continuing with the site. After all the hub-bub last year, this has been such a nice place for many of us to share our mutual interests.

The time & effort @Admin & @snickerdoodle have dedicated to the site is sincerely appreciated.

I have high hopes for FiberKind’s continued growth & prosperity.

Oooo! @Char! Good on you! I am so happy that Fiberkind has been saved! Between you and @Admin and @snickerdoodle all should be well :slight_smile:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy dance!! And Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for starting the site and for keeping it going!! :fk::fk::fk::fk: (i just found that icon…didn’t notice it before. :)). Very. happy.

The icon is new!!! Must say I’m loving it too!!

Thank you everyone for expressing your support and excitement! I, too, am quite excited! We will build a wonderful site.

Yay, yay and triple yay!!! I’m so grateful to @Admin and @snickerdoodle for getting this wonderful place off the ground and to you @Char for taking it on!

Many thanks to @Admin and @snickerdoodle for taking the original idea and running with it. Your many hours of work have produced an awesome website. @Char - you have my undying gratitude for stepping in and grabbing the reins of this site. I look forward to seeing where you take us in the future. And I would also like to add a warm welcome to @HeatherAthebyne to the technical team. I’ve watched your SkeinLink forum with interest and hope you continue working on that project for us. I really appreciate all four of you working so hard to keep this website available to us. :fk:

I don’t post much but am very thankful that @ Admin and @snickerdoodle had the courage to start a welcoming place for us to gather and mend together. I am now just as appreciative that @Char , you are willing to take over and lead the charge so we can continue visiting this special place. There are many that deserve more than a thank you but [SIZE=12px]THANK YOU! will be a start. [/SIZE]

Thank you @Char, @Admin, and @snickerdoodle. All of you are amazing. Gratitude and appreciation.

So happy that @Char is the new owner of this awesome crafting community!! A big THANK YOU to Admin and Snickerdoodle for all of the time they put into building FiberKind into the special place we call home!! :):slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to having lots of fun here at FiberKind with all of you wonderful folks!! :cool:

I am so happy to see that this site is going to continue :D. As others have said, there is a sense of belonging that you don’t get elsewhere.

@Admin and @snickerdoodle Thank you so much for all your hard work. We get a bit spoilt by the amount of things that are available on the Internet, we come to expect whatever we want just to be there and we don’t always realise how much goes on behind the scenes. This has been a huge undertaking, it has gone from strength to strength and I for one really appreciate everything you have done.

@Char Well, you kept that to yourself, didn’t you, missus?!! (Just kidding ;)) I wish you all the best in this new project and I agree with your comment in the New Ownership announcement that we all need to help to build content. The bigger, the better, and it will help to attract other people to become members if we have lots of patterns, tips and information available – maybe get it all into a searchable database at some time in the future, or am I getting ahead of myself here? I am off now to see whether I have anything photographable (is that a word?) and fit to be seen by the whole wide world!

@Char I’m beyond happy. I love this site and have been so comfortable and welcomed here. Also, thank you to Admin and @snickerdoodle for getting us started. I look forward to watching and helping (if possible) to the growth of this community.

WAVE Hi Everyone, as part of transitioning to more of a technical support role I’ve changed my name from Admin to Name_Null (geek talk). Since @Char will be Fiberkind Queen I didn’t want to be mistaken to overshadow her new role as Owner of the site.

LThis is what I was hoping for! So glad we can build on the foundation laid for us! Thanks @admin and @snickerdoodle. Thanks so much! @Char

@Char Ahhh!!! I am so pleased that you bought the site, I had a sudden worry that someone “unknown” had snatched it up and it would change completely. I know now it’s in good hands!!!

Which of course was silly, because looking at what good care @Name_Null and @snickerdoodle has taken of the site I should have known that they would never sell it to just anybody. :wink:

The site wasn’t sold, it’s being handed off with no financial gains in the interest to keeping it alive.