New Ownership

[SIZE=14px]Good Evening, my dear FiberKind friends!

Actually, I like to think of all of you as my FiberKind family – I hope that is ok. I am pleased to announce that I am the new owner of FiberKind! @Admin and I are working closely and carefully to make the transition as seamless as possible, but if there is a hiccough somewhere, I apologize in advance. If you have technical difficulties please let me know through the Tech Support section.

I hope you have seen my presence on FiberKind. I have poured a lot of hours into the community WE have all created. In general, that should not stop. That being said, please be aware that I am an accountant by day and as you can imagine these next couple months are extremely busy for me. So – if it looks like I am not around as much – it’s not you it’s me!

Behind the scenes I have been working with some folks that have helped Admin keep the site rolling, and their continued support has been AMAZING and so much appreciated. Thank you for that.

This is a community. This is OUR community. One of the important things all of you can do is help build content in the site. I know I get excited to see everyone’s WIPs, finished pictures, I love reading what they liked about the project, even things they would do differently next time. Please join in make alongs, read alongs, post pictures for all of us to see. UFOs you need support with, stashbusting, or just anything! Have crafty struggles? Well, I might we have someone here that has been there and can help. We are all crafters, and if you are all like me, you love looking at other people’s work. Show us yours!

I am looking forward to updating the site and adding features we would all like. Please know this truly is a labor of love for me. A couple programmers and I are volunteering our time to provide those updates. They won’t happen overnight, but they will happen.

I am hoping for the time being for the site to be funded by donations. IF you are able and are so inclined please consider donating through the PayPal button at the bottom of the home screen. There is an option for you to submit a one-time donation, or a monthly subscription if you would like.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time (through private message if you wish). I will do my best to answer what I can, and if I can’t answer, I can at least tell you that. We are still in the transition, but I am SO happy you ALL are here.

In closing, @Admin and @snickerdoodle, you are truly amazing people. Please know your efforts and countless hours to begin this endeavor are not unnoticed. Your continued support in this is so much appreciated. I am happy to know you will maintain membership here! I know this was a labor of love for you guys as well. Thank you. It doesn’t seem like enough to simply say that, however please know it is heartfelt. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.


And in other news… @HeatherAthebyne has joined the Programming and Technical team! A big welcome and THANK YOU to Heather for volunteering to help in this endeavor. :fk:[/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=14px]Please feel free to express your questions and comments in the following thread. We are keeping this channel locked for administrator announcements only, and have locked the area from public comments.[/SIZE][/B]

Please also welcome @DebbiRYarn to the programming team!