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Hi all. I’m another refugee. I found this site while reading Mad Man Knitting’s blog. I’m a middle-aged housewife with too many cats. I’m not admitting to being a crazy cat lady, but I am a lady crazy about my cats. I taught myself to knit using YouTube a few years ago. I’m currently knitting my first pair of socks and think I just may be a sock knitter. I also love to knit for Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes along with ukulele playing, art, and gardening.

@PartlyCloudy90 Hello and welcome to Fiberkind! I think you will find the nicest folks here!

we have a sock knitters group where we have lots of folks in case you get stuck, sock knit alongs and prizes :slight_smile:

There is also a holiday make along. You don’t have to be making holiday related stuff, it is just called that cuz tiz the season for those of us who are making for the holidays.

if you get lost or need help let me know. I am around quite a bit. :slight_smile:

there is also a FAQ and How to in the tech support area that could give you a good start on things.

again - welcome!

ps - I also created a cat group where we ladies and gents who are crazy about our purry friends can share photos, funnies, and whatever else you would like. :-). I so could become that crazy cat lady!

Welcome @PartlyCloudy90! This is a lovely community, I’ll think you’ll love it here. We have gardening and art groups as well as many others. I don’t think we have a music group yet, but you can always create one if you’d like. Feel free to jump into any conversation and ask away if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing more from you and seeing your projects.

I love how my cats would get excited when I knit. I would always wind my yarn into a ball, partly for their pleasure. No cakes here.

@PartlyCloudy90 Welcome! We are glad you found us. Join us in the sock knitting group and the gardening group. I’m a dog lover so I won’t be chatting with you in the cat group but I’m always happy to share furbaby stories.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I’m off to check out the groups mentioned.