New Knitter from Idaho

Hi everyone! My grandma taught me to knit basic dishcloths when I was a little girl but I never went anywhere with it. In the past few months I’ve picked it up again and learned a lot on youtube since my grandma is no longer here to teach me. I have refused to create an account at that other site because of its censorship of differing viewpoints. However I see many benefits to a site like that and finally stumbled across fiberkind. I would love to find other knitters in my area and connect with people to keep learning. Mostly I’ve been making hats in the round for my three boys but hopefully I will branch out and make socks/slippers some day. Happy Friday from Idaho!

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve joined our growing community. Feel free to join in and we look forward to seeing your projects.

Welcome! We are glad you found us. If you need any help along the way, be sure to reach out.

Might I add - especially with socks. Some would say I like to knit socks. LOL :fk:

Hi, and welcome! You will find this to be a very friendly site with lots of people who will be happy to provide assistance, tips and pattern downloads.

@Ms_AU - Welcome! There are so many fun things to knit. Fiberkind has make-along groups for socks and shawls that can help to inspire and motivate you to try something new. There are lots of easy, small shawls that can be worn as scarves. You could try one of those to branch out and then try socks! I look forward to seeing your projects.

If you have a good beginner pattern to recommend I would love it. I have made a couple pairs of chunky yarn slippers on a knitting loom and decided that traditional knitting would be much more versatile so I have a small bit of experience with some of the techniques. I would love a beginner friendly pattern or method I could follow for my first try knitting slippers/socks on needles.

Welcome @Ms_AU ! We’re happy to help in any way we can! When you get a chance browse the groups on Fiberkind, we share our other interests as well. We’re so happy you found us, you’ll enjoy the friendly community here. You may want to start with a pair of socks for a child, you learn sock construction and have a finished pair fairly quickly. Here’s a pattern for worsted weight yarn:

Welcome–and it looks like you will be knitting socks before you know it!! @Char is our fearless sock champion and leader and we have a lot of sock knitting going on! Warning–Fiberkind is filled with lots of other skills to learn as well and you might find yourself being a multi-crafter! :slight_smile:

@Ms_AU Did you see the link to Blueprint’s free classes? There are classes on knitting socks ( and MANY other subjects) that are free until April 9th. If you use the Fiberkind link it benefits this community.…ales#post48888

It’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn something new and turn off the news.

“Turn off the news” - Good idea!
I don’t mean that people shouldn’t stay informed, just that it’s a good idea to get the news then turn it off and do something else.

Exactly! Play music that makes you feel good, binge watch something uplifting, or take advantage of this great offer from Bluprint to learn something new. We know what’s going on and check in to the news from time to time but don’t let it occupy too much of our day.

@Ms_AU I “tagged” you in our sock knit along - I also have a link to a decent tutorial that I think will help.

Here is the link to the sock KAL if you have trouble finding us:🧦#post45830