New here!

Hello yarn enthusiasts! I’m not sure how I didnt know about this forum. I have been on OpenRavel for a year now and even started my own discord server chat, Yarnies. I have been knitting and crocheting for about 15 years. Fiber arts are my main hobbies, nothing else compares! I knit, crochet, dye, do weird projects and am learning to spin fiber. I love creating new knitters and am proud to say my kiddo knit a row of stitches the other night, woohoo! In finding this place, I am hoping to find a place to chatter about fiber, patterns, color theory, yarn drape, events, and to post and see pictures of all the projects we fiber junkies are so proud of (and some we are not so proud of haha, it happens :smile:).

Well, this was winded! I am many things, but here, I am a Yarnie and I can’t wait to meet you all. :hugs:

Hello and welcome! We are glad you found us - we are celebrating FiberKind’s first birthday this month! Please share the news we are here.

As you browse the forums and groups please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else you see.

Welcome @Snoogins !! This is a wonderful place to connect with all sorts of yarnie goodness. Looking forward to seeing your projects. Congratulations on your kiddo knitting a row of stitches!!

Hi, @Snoogins and a hearty welcome to Fiberkind!

Thanks y’all! And :balloon:happy birthday​:balloon: to fiberkind @Char ! :birthday:

@Snoogins - what are your favorite things to make?

Oh my goodness… i think its changed a lot over time. Right now, im very into knitting apparel: socks, mittens, hats and sweaters/shirts. But i love making toys, stuffies, home decor, and experimenting with tapestry-like artwork using colorwork. My kiddo loves to paint so yarn dyeing is a more and more common in my house as well.

Our community events section is a wonderful place to share what you are working on and get to know us. :slight_smile:

Community Events

I started breaking chatter into months so it is easier to find current things.

Our birthday MAL is also there.

And, if you are like many of us - a Stashbuster section as well (Yah, I know - I think I am there for comic relief. :slight_smile: )

Hello and welcome to Fiberkind! Glad you joined!!

Well thank you all for the welcome! I will be checking out the different groups and events this week. Feel free to come join us on the Discord channel too if youd like. We’ve done one live chat so far and it was a lot of fun! Its so nice to have a large community forum, so thank you @Char for creating this awesome space for us all!

@Snoogins Welcome! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and seeing pictures of your projects.

Welcome, @Snoogins! You don’t stay new here for long and this is the nicest, kindest place I’ve found yet. I can’t wait to see your tapestry like artwork!

Haha @pinesprairie me too! Ive only done some drawings and frogged failed experiments so far! The idea has been to make a marled tshirt look like a faded concert tee. And then eventually move on to bigger pieces.

Welcome @Snoogins! This is such a wonderful community, I’m sure you’ll love it here. If you have any questions ask away and someone will be happy to help, let us know how to make you feel at home. @pinesprairie is right, no one is new for long.

@Snoogins Well I love tapestry anything so will be watching for your perfected “samples” (no such thing as failures in fiber arts!).

Welcome aboard, @Snoogins ! This is an amazing place to be–and an amazing bunch of “enablers”! Since you mentioned you enjoy spinning, I wanted to be sure you check out our spinning group! We are planning to do a “Spin De Fleece” during the Tour de France this year (which is postponed till the end of July into August due to Covid), so be sure to get ready to stock up your fiber stash if you’d like to join us! This will be our 2nd annual event and hope to have many more to come!