Need names and moderators for individual Spin de Fleece 2020 groups please!

We are counting down to the Spin de Fleece 2020! We need to set up our groups for different levels/challenges/etc. So, please let me know what we should name these groups listed below–any suggestions welcome! Also, if you would be able to moderate one of the groups, would you let me know? All that would involve is to be sure to check in and answer any questions in the group, as well as reply when people make posts of their progress, to keep them enthused and encouraged. It’s just for the length of the Spin de Fleece; this is not a life-time commitment, or even a month-long role, so you’re not signing your life away. :slight_smile:

So, go for it–let us know what we should name these groups. (FYI–@PurlgirlButtons makes buttons in her Etsy store and she already has some for Spin de Fleece, so be sure to pop over and support her. Also, once we have group names, she can make you one with your team name on it!) I love that we can have official buttons for participating and I for one plan to order the main one and for whatever group I’m in!

Here’s the groups we have:
1. Rookies – Those who are new to spinning in the last 2 years.
2. Regulars–Those who have been spinning for 3+ years.
3. Mavericks–Those who want to spin “art yarns”.
4. Challengers–Those who want to tackle a big project–spinning a whole fleece, spinning enough yarn for a sweater, etc.
*Prizes won’t be offered in these groups unless the moderator wants to offer something as a prize for motivation. :blush:

I would be willing to help with the Regulars. I should have the time. No ideas for names yet.

Wonderful–thank you so much!!! We’ll find some names.

Do you have a volunteer moderator for the Rookies? I will throw in my nomination as I feel I have the time (even if I don’t have the spinning experience, I have the exuberance of being a new spinner, it’s all still so very exciting to me!!!) :crazy_face:

Okay, a few quick suggestions for names, beginning with @PurlgirlButtons 's idea:
Rambouillet Regulars (only prob = hard to spell)
Romeldale (same prob)
Romney Regulars
Rolag Regulars
Rollicking Regulars
Roving Regulars

@PurlgirlButtons - that’s what we need! I’d love to have you lead the Rookie group! I’ll work on getting names together tomorrow. Thanks for offering your time! :slight_smile:

@Carlota - thanks for those ideas! Definitely giving us something to go on. Tomorrow we’ll wrap that all up and get the groups set up.

OK, cool.