Need help with pattern (C) please

Hey All:

I love this blanket I found in the newest Mary Maxim catalogue but it is labeled ‘Intermediate’ so I’m not sure if I can do it.

I called and the phone agent didn’t know what the pattern was nor how difficult. She suggested I just buy it (kit with yarn) and if it was too hard, return it. I don’t mind paying for the pattern and yarn, but I didn’t think I wanted to pay postage both ways just to find out the pattern was too difficult for me.

Does anyone know this pattern? I’m not asking you to share it, just give me the gist of why it is labeld ‘Intermediate’.

Any help would be appreciated.

MM Blanket.jpg

Sorry I missed the upload:

MM Blanket.jpg

@susanwayne I haven’t seen the pattern before, but it appears to use front post stitches to bring the white in front of a variegated yarn.

as a side note when I went to the Mary Maxim website the pattern said it was free. I tried to purchase it and I am having trouble finding it. Maybe it will work for you?

@susanwayne I took a look at the kit; and to me, it looks rather like a 2 color moss stitch on the diagonal. The two colors and it being on the diagonal might be the reasons for the “intermediate”. I was able to order the free pattern (97945N) separately and will have to wait for it to arrive as it is not a downloadable file.

Someone was able to get a better picture of it on KP and I think it is NOT crochet! I think it is knit with the border only in crochet.

@pinesprairie Could you provide a link to how you ordered the pattern only? And free??? Yay

I just tried to order the free pattern and was unsuccessful. Any hints?

@susanwayne Ah, knit would explain it.

For the pattern, I found the SKU number of 97945N (the kit is 97945) and did a search. The resulting page is the link below. Even though there was no product photo, I changed the quantity to 1 and added to cart. It showed as in stock so I went through the checkout process and the status originally showed pending but now shows Processing-Invoiced. I’m thinking a hard copy is going to come via snail mail as I checked the ‘downloadable products’ section and it was empty. I do have an account there and was signed in when I ordered.

(I’m never sure if I’m supposed to copy-paste the link here or use the link icon above below so hopefully this works. )

@susanwayne Hmm, this is a little suspect - I just got an order confirmation email and under the shipping method it says “Domestic Shipping (Includes a $1.95 processing & order insurance fee…) - Standard Delivery” yet the under the Payment Method, it says “No payment information required”. Now I’m not sure what will happen.

It is very strange indeed.

The pattern says crochet. The blanket picture showing the folded over corner really looks like front post stitches to me. It will be interesting to see if the patterns come.

@Char I found a different picture and think you might be right. That folded part certainly does look like a single rib stitch. Do you suppose post stitches are considered intermediate?

I agree with your assessment on the stitch pattern and why it’s intermediate rating.

It’s considered intermediate, because it’s c2c or corner to corner crochet. But I can’t tell for sure what stitch is used. It looks like it could be the moss stitch, but I don’t think it is, because you have the diagonal rows of color, with the white intermingled. It might be a moss stitch combined with the block stitch, but that doesn’t make sense either.

I don’t usually work corner to corner myself. I’ve never written a corner to corner pattern. I would have to work one or two, before I tried to write one. Maybe I will give this one a try.

It might be a combination of things… I’m interested to know the “final answer”.

The pattern is actually calling for knitting needle size and when I really looked at the pattern I think it’s knit with a crochet border. How is the reverse side stripes going a different way then the top folded over piece? That’s curious isn’t it?

Would you keep me posted please as to whether you get it or not?

I just love a good mystery! Will certainly post as to whether or not it actually arrives. The status this morning is still processing-invoiced so I’ll keep checking. If it does arrive, I would send it your way @susanwayne so you could make it up and post for us to actually see it. I do think it could be accomplished in crochet by alternating colors every row and use scfp C2C.

Unfortunately, that link now issues an Error Message 404: Not found.

I’m not surprised. It didn’t seem like a legitimate link to order to begin with. Thanks for trying though.

I’m guessing that the pattern was offered free for a time period, and then they didn’t completely change their website over when the free period ended; the “cache” shows the free pattern with a status of “backordered.”

I guess I’ll have to keep my eye on it then…check MM every once in a while. Thanks for the info.

Well, that didn’t take very long - Mary Maxim sent me a catalog right away!