Need help with beanie sizing for large men

I’m currently working on writing the pattern for a guy’s waistcoat stitch beanie with partial band. I’m planning to make it available in three sizes…men’s regular, men’s large, and men’s extra large.

The extra large would be 26" in circumference and would be geared toward either really large gentlemen or gentlemen with lots of big hair.

What I need to know is how deep to make the main part before I start the partial band. For a men’s regular, the depth from the top of the head to the bottom of the ear lobe is 8", but I don’t know what what depth I’d need for the extra large.

Do any of you have a really large guy or a guy with big hair that would allow you to measure his head for me? These are the two measurements I’d need.

  • Circumference: measure around the head, including over the ears.
  • Depth: measure from the bottom of one ear lobe, over the head, to the bottom of the other ear lobe.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.



I asked my son, he’s a big & tall guy (6’2") and he’s only 23" circumference with a 9 1/2" drop to the bottom of his ears. Maybe not big enough around for an accurate measurement for what you’re wanting though.

This is very helpful. Thank you.

My son has a big head of hair - I’ll measure him when he wakes up.

Thank you, Char!

I can’t help you out with the measurements, but I really like that hat!

My son has lots of hair (he says it isn’t “big” though). He measures 9” top to ear lobe, 24” around.

My hubby has a Circumference of 25" and a Depth of 20". I hope this helps. I do love the beanie…

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Yes, this helps a LOT! Thanks to you and to HIM!

Thank you so much! This is very helpful. Tell your son I said, “Thanks!”

I measured my DH, he has a circumference of 25 1/2 and ear lobe to ear lobe of 18. Most hats are too small for him so I think he would be your extra large.

Thank you so much, Linda, and thanks to your husband. I really appreciate the help.

@crosstitchlinda, @DJM, @Char, @TexasPurl, and @pinesprairie, I have started a pattern test in my Fiberkind group, in case any of you are interested:…nsense-guy-hat

Oooh! Headed there now!