Need a baby blanket pattern

In the original forum I posted looking for a baby cardi pattern, but now I’m looking for a blanket pattern as well. I’d love to see your favorite modern baby blanket patterns. I’ll be using a variegated DK weight cotton that I have in my stash. ETA: I’m an experienced knitter, so all suggestions are welcome. I’m just looking for something new/different than I’ve done in the past.


Back in the day, I just looked through stitch dictionaries for interesting (but not TOO interesting) texture or lace patterns and added two inches of seed stitch on all four sides (since I was using worsted, it was ten stitches left and right and fourteen rows top and bottom). Eventually that got too boring, so I did the seed stitch borders in a different color than the main stitch pattern. (Yes, that involved intarsia twisting for the color changes at the side edges and a second skein for the second edge.)

This square in a square looks boyish, IIRC you’re looking for something for a baby boy.

My current favorite is the wavy checkerboard baby blanket. It had enough texture to keep it interesting, but is fairly easy and makes good tv and travel knitting. I would post a picture, but I deleted all of them with my project pages. The seller has an etsy store Bunny Totem Knits, and she has several beautiful patterns posted.

@ilexedits Great idea to just pick a stitch pattern. I may end up doing that. LOL! I’ll skip the intarsia this time since I’m in a hurry, but that’s a really great idea for the future. Seems like lots of my friends’ kids are having babies now, so I’m thinking I need to knit up some baby FO’s to have on hand.

@FreedomLover I really like that! I may be able to pick up a solid, coordinating color for the center and edges. I’m using some Zombie Yarns cotton. If Lorna is at the fiber fest maybe she’ll have some solids or semi-solids that will work.

@cheshirestripes Thanks! I’ll have a look. I may have to go on a baby blanket and cardigan spree and put aside some items for the next babies to come along.

I bought this one from R, but found it also on Etsy!…?ref=related-4

and Vadelma, which seems to only be available on R. I really enjoyed this one. It’s knit from the center out in a circle.


@dekpass That’s beautiful! Thanks!!

Here’s a free chevron striped baby blanket pattern from Frabjous Fibers:

Ziggety-Zag Blanket Pattern link

@Cablegrrl I love that pattern. I have half a pack of that yarn. I might be able to make a smaller version…maybe go up a needle size to make it go farther.

@knitterlady13 Hi, good to see you on this side. There is a nice book by Jody Long, Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit: 29 Cute Blankets to Knit

I have done a few in B. Walker’s Moss Diamond and Lozenge pattern, it’s reversible. I’m attaching a picture of it.


@5xhappy That’s beautiful! I’ll look at that book. Maybe they even have it at the library.

Hi @knitterlady13 , I am not sure if it is ok to advertise, but I have this pattern for sale on etsy.
There are a lot of great patterns out there, I hope you find one you like. Joanne

@JoanneT Thanks. I’ll have a look!

Here’s a DK weight baby blanket that I like:

I’ve just started this round one from Distracted Knitting:…stracted-knits

I’m using…arn/p/80880594

I just started this morning and it’s knitting up fast and easy! It’s pretty much straight knitting, so easy to do while watching TV or riding in a car.

ETA: One of the finished blankets for twins on the way for our nephew and wife.


@rkennell Thanks! I do like a quick project. The short rows are a nice touch.

Hi there KnitterLady13. I don’t intend to sound like your mother :p, but please do remember how tiny little fingers and toes are. They can get caught in spaces of lacy work and even straight knitting if the gauge/needle is too large. I fortunately have not had this experience myself, but learned from a customer 15 years ago about broken toes/fingers, and tangles of blankets that resulted in dropped baby. Since then I have not recommended any yarn larger than DK weight for stockinette/garter stitch, or sport for anything lacy, and 4ply is better. Just a thought, ok?

I made a baby blanket with feather and fan. You can get free pattern by googling or from pinterest