Nearly Insane Quilt- QAL?

I’ve started to work on a longish term project, making the Nearly Insane Quilt. This quilt is based on a quilt made around about 1870 by Salinda Rupp. The quilt blocks were drafted by Liz Lois, who also wrote a book with line drawings of each block. I have been wanting to make this quilt for a long time! I will make some modifications to blocks, and might change some elements.

Would there be enough interest to start a QAL?

This is the book (note it’s placed here for reference, it’s not an affliate link!):

I am trying to make at least three blocks a week, but some weeks it may be more, some less. For inspiration, this is one of the loveliest finished Nearly Insane quilts I’ve come across. Francis made the entire quilt using EPP! And blogged the process, so it’s a fantastic resource if you’re interested!

@HeidiBears Just Wow - I’ve made some time-consuming quilts, but this one would be a real labour of love. Knowing my proclivity for starting great projects and not finishing, I’ll have to decline, but looking forward with interest to see pictures from those who are brave enough to make this!

@annekepoot , I am probably the only insane-enough person to try this! :smiley: This and the DJ are on my have-to-do list. Which will likely take me to the end of days, but good days hopefully! :wink:
@LiddleDesigns, you’re absolutely right, this is NOT a beginner-friendly quilt. Although that being said, I am doing the piecing using FPP, so it’s just a straight line of sewing at the end of the day.

@SpinsterJulieB , I think it will be! I think that if I can get through this one, the DJ will seem childsplay in comparison! I’ve had a look at the Ladies of the Sea quilt you linked, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Also a little insane! :smiley:
Yes, that’s me :slight_smile: :heart: Hope you enjoyed making the critters!

[QUOTE=HeidiBears;n8663]I’ve started to work on a longish term project, making the Nearly Insane Quilt.

Wow - here is my long term project: Dear Jen
And I piece by hand, so it is seriously long term!!! I have not started but I think you are doing it right but planning on x number of blocks a week.

Thanks for sharing this! Would love to see your progress.

PS I am also trying to hand quilt my Delilah - another Jen Kingwell quilt I finished hand piecing last year!!


Here’s the link to the Ladies of the Sea quilt

Wow - this is a lot of work - thanks for sharing the link, I have not visited that site before. I see they have size 80 Aurofil. Have you tried it, I use that all the time now for my cotton appliqué, I really like it.


Thanks for the information about the aurofil. I haven’t used it for appliqué, so I’ll have to try it. I did a lot of miniature quilting a while back, and used silk thread for the tiny appliqué and hand piecing. It worked well, but the aurofil is cheaper and has more color choices.

Hang in there! I love to handsew quilts, from piecing and appliqué to quilting. Yours will look so good when you’re done!

Wow I think that’s no where near nearly, that is definitely insane. I can’t imagine ever finishing. Maybe a general quilt along would work, I can imagine less experienced quilters would be overwhelmed with that one. I have a languishing quilt project that I’d like to start up again. :grin: