Navigate to a group

I use an Android phone most of the time to access the website.

I joined 2 groups.

Sometimes I manage to get to a thread in the group but it’s just a matter of luck and I can’t repeat the process.

What is the real way to get to a group?

I’m no techie but does your phone have a line at the top Forums, Project Blogs, Articles, Groups, Archives? Link on the Groups and all the current group icons should be there. I joined three groups and my groups are listed on the right hand side. I don’t have a phone (just a flip phone) so have no idea if this is a solution or not.

Thanks for the suggestion @annekepoot but I don’t seem to have a line at the top like you describe.

@EllenDeKnitter Tap the 3 horizontal lines on the top left of the screen and then click “groups”. You should end up at the “Group Home” page. You can then click “my groups” and scroll down to see your groups. Then click to whichever group you want to go to and find the thread. It’s a bit clumsy at this point, but the site is a work in progress, so hopefully the nav on devices will improve a bit over time.

Alternatively, on your phone browser at the top right of the page there should be a menu you can tap and see a drop down. Choose “desktop site” and navigation will be faster.

Thanks @knitterlady13 - I changed my phone to desktop site. That works!

@EllenDeKnitter Great! I’m glad that worked for you. I typically like desktop view when I can get it.

For future reference, if you click these three lines in the mobile version a drop down box comes up. You can select groups from that.

I do wonder if @Admin can make them any darker though. They are a touch difficult to see.


Thanks for the suggestion @Char , but I tried that before (and again after reading your comment). It takes me to what looks like the last step before opening a group, but the group won’t open. I even had my twenty-something try. Converting my phone to computer view works, though the fonts a diminutive and have to be enlarged to be read.