My First Embroidery

Normally I only knit, but yesterday I felt a strong urge to try embroidery. I just so happen to have some old fabric, a hoop, and thread that I obtained from my great-grandmother after she passed away. Now I needed to find an image and I did, but it was not just any image either, but the image of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Considering her feast day was yesterday, it made sense.
I looked up a quick 3 minute video on different stitches and then hit the fabric.

Let me know what you think (e.g. what I could have done, tips, what I still need to do, etc.)


It looks as though you’ve certainly done it before! Very nice. I wish I had the patience for hand embroidery. I barely have it for machine embroidery.

I don’t embroidery myself so I can’t help, but this is beautiful!

This is lovely!

This doesn’t look at all like your first time, it’s very nice the way it is. Are you happy with it?

Love the picture, where did you get it, or did you draw it yourself??

Yes and no. I am honestly surprised at myself at how well it came out. But I’m not so happy with the thread choice of the face and hands because you can barely see them now that I have it in a frame and hanging on the wall. Oh well, so is life when learning something new.

I searched online for simple imagines of the Assumption of Mary. I think I ended up copying a coloring book image which was designed a little more like stain glass. I just didn’t add the extra lines.

That is a great way to get patterns!

Nice work! If you enjoyed embroidering, I would suggest picking up a stitch sampler (Dropcloth and Kiriki are ones I know of) so you can learn and practice at the same time and see how different stitches can be used in different ways. I really enjoyed learning with mine. Have fun!

This is adorable. Especially as a beginner, you have done it perfectly!

This is look beautiful;)

Welcome to Fiberkind!

I still remember my first embroidery, I designed my sweet astroworld hoodie and donated it.

Welcome to Fiberkind! I hope you love it here as much as we do. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, someone will be more than happy to answer.

I am creating a morale patch design (2 in x 3 in) for the first time in Affinity Designer that will eventually be Embroidery Digitizing In USA. I noticed for Adobe Illustrator there’s an embroidery plugin available to ensure your design is suited for an embroidery machine. Is there a similar plugin we can use for Affinity Designer? Also, how large does the border width need to be in my design? I haven’t found any answers online and hope you can be of help.

I’m sorry I’m late saying so but welcome to Fiberkind!