Musty smell

Does anyone have a tried and true method of getting musty smells out of cotton thread? I acquired quite a bit of thread from my mom which had been stored for quite some time in our garage. It’s not a super strong smell and they look to be in great condition but there is enough of a smell that I am not sure I want to use them, particularly for items that will be gifts. Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

If you can stand to work with it just make the items you want and then wash them. Use vinegar in the rinse.

Thank you :relaxed:

I’ll store with a dryer sheet or in a box with over if those baking soda fridge box.
I’ll put the fridge box at the bottom, then the thread/yarn around it. Close it up and it’ll be good in a few days.
Before all that… I last it outside it somewhere out of the way and just air it out. Sometimes that’s all it needs

Thanks a bunch :smiley: