Moving/flashing ads & gifs

Is it possible to make it so that the ads that show in the banner don’t flash and move? It’s very distracting and I also find that if the ads are moving around too much that I start to develop a migraine. I can easily fix this by turning on adblock, but I am intrested in seeing advertising that is relevant to the site. I have noticed that any of the ads that move aren’t geared toward the fiber arts. I’m guessing they are Google ads.

Oh boy, do I second this motion! Flashing, jumping whatevers are a pure pita annoyance! Like you, knitterlady13, I can be triggered into a migraine aura by those selfish beasts, and I’ve been known to immediately leave a site that displays them. Please, Admin, protect us from these self-serving predators.

I’ve noticed even when I don’t have in my view at a particular time my whole screen flashes. I assume it was an as “switching”. :frowning:

Yikes! That wouldn’t make me happy. On my laptop I’ve turned adblock on temporarily, but not on my phone.

For now, until there are sellers directly supporting the site, likely not.
Generous as some have been, the @Admin needs the revenue to help offset both development and monthly costs
​​​​​​​ not yes put me in the coloum of those who will not Google ads.

@wheat I completely understand that, but I still wonder if there isn’t a way to disable the GIFs or a setting with Google to avoid those types of ads or only have static ads. I’m not saying to disable the ad spot altogether, but there might be some options for less annoying content. I think most of us get the need for revenue, but there’s a lot of people who will simply block advertising (as I have now done) rather than having to view flashing, changing images. I’d much rather have the ads enabled because I want to see what fiber people are offering. At the same time I will never ever click through a Google ad. I don’t know about anyone else of course.

I’ll take a look at the settings, there might be an option for disallowing moving ads. I have the limited down to somewhat sane ads but they still aren’t that great… It’s bringing in about $30/month right now, not great but it helps, we’re currently around $140 total revenue/month with about $200 in hosting costs, so we’re getting close to being even.

@Admin Every little bit helps. I definitely understand the need for advertising. MOST of the ads don’t move I don’t think, but there have been a few so I turned on Adblock for now. Too bad because there was a cute backpack being advertised this morning, but the ad changed views too fast to get a good look.

Ok, I think I have the moving ads for Google disabled now, I plan to disable them once I get to the first payout threshhold they are kind of annoying.

okay, so what @Admin is saying in his always humble way is all we need is 6 more members willing to subscribe at $5 a month - and those annoying ads could be removed.
He will be annoyed with me, but folks, while I understand budget constraints and would never judge someone - what is worth having is worth working for (which with my dad translated to “working and PAYING for”
If you think OurUnraveled is a good fit for you - the consider subscribing. I also believe PayPal, as well as most banks, have an option that allows you to send as little as $1 on a recurring basis.
every $ helps, as they say, build a better tomorrow.

Hear hear! You are so correct, wheat. “If you like something, encourage it with more than words” is a good slogan.

@wheat Thanks for posting that. I think the original thread about subscribing is probably lost down the thread list somewhere. If anyone is on the edge of subscribing, at the beginning of September I’ll be holding a yarn giveaway for some lovely sock yarn in the “Karma” section. (I’d do it now, but I’ll be traveling for a bit and may not be online very much while I’m gone.)

In my ecommerce store, I have always had what I call “Charities of Choice” - Period of Purple Crying, Toys for Tots and Access Carroll which supplies services to uninsured and underinsured - I am working on “testing” a means where members can choose not a discount for themselves, but that a portion of the profit from their purchase will be “donated” on a regular basis to “development” - either forum or marketplace.
It may not be much, but like I said every $ will be for good.

@wheat That’s a great idea - kind of like Amazon Smile. :slight_smile:

I’ve removed the google ads, we now only have affiliate ads and local vendor ads.

You are so awesome. :slight_smile:

@Admin You’re fantastic! I’ve turned my adblock off so I can see all of the site related ads. I wonder what we (as a community) can do to get the word out.

Also, I know there aren’t a lot of advertisers now, but when there are more businesses asking, I wonder how people would feel about a single rotating ad space at the bottom of each thread, including in groups. On R, vendors could choose to advertise on main site pages (so there were 2 ads on the patterns page (the main page, not on a pattern’s listing) and a couple on the main yarn link, but there was also a single ad on the bottom of almost any thread that you clicked to read. (So basically there would be an ad on the bottom of this page, but not the page where the list of threads resides.) Vendors could choose to advertise in main forums or in groups (I think they could pick and choose). The advertising was always tasteful and very visible, but not disruptive. I don’t know about others, but I personally clicked through those bottom page ads WAY more than the ads on the main pages. That may have been because when you got to the bottom of a thread, there was an ad and I think we probably spend more time at the bottom (writing posts, etc.) than at the top of the page. Anyway, it’s space where the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed or distracted by ads. I know that I bought from many many of those vendor ads, so it’s something to think about.

I do have the ability to put different ads in different sections with various rotations. I just chose the two more obvious spots to start with, once we start filling up all the “slots” we can have different tiers of advertising for section specific stuff. If there was an advertiser that wanted a specific spot I could probably accommodate.

Yay Admin! Please accept a big, grateful, grandmotherly hug for this!

@wheat - I took the hint! I’d made a small donation to the original/start up site and have been planning to subscribe to this one. Your post reminded me - all in now!