Mother of Dragons MKAL

[SIZE=28px]All of this and more can be seen here.[/SIZE]

[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“height”:“261”,“width”:“320”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2][SIZE=28px]For the night is dark and full of terrors shawls. [/SIZE][SIZE=28px]Next we give you, Mother of Dragons from the TV show, Game of Thrones. In the final episode, Dany has a dragon coming from behind her and for a second it looks as though she’s got wings.[/SIZE][SIZE=28px] You can see it here. And here’s the photo after the dragon begins it’s flight. Why is this important? Because the entire KAL is themed off of Dany and her dragons. If you love dragons, you will LOVE this shawl, it’s a must have for every dragon lover, or anyone who loves GoT. MKAL will begin on August 7th, there are 4 clues each will come out on Wednesdays.[/SIZE]

[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2][SIZE=28px]I began designing long before I saw the aforementioned scene and just built what I needed into the shawl. It[/SIZE][SIZE=28px] was very apparent that I nailed the design to her ending when I saw the dragon coming from behind her. I actually got goose bumps and was sitting there stunned with my mouth hanging open. The shape of the shawl begins with a Faux Faroese which morphs into a 6 wedge shawl with three dimensional, beaded spines. The spines are the spines of the dragons wings, the overall pattern is dragon scales. The borders are all taken from her massive hair braiding. The ending has arrows and spear heads which was her waging war on the world. So you see, the entire shawl is very spot on to the theme, your going to love it.

The yarn is the color of the dragons and there’s LOADS of amazing goodies.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=28px]The lobster has a dragon in fight, and a smaller dragon on his feet begin the loops which are red/black as well as ruby’s and garnet chips. The set has 9 loops (8 beaded 1 dragon) and a lobster.[/SIZE]


[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“height”:“640”,“width”:“480”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2][SIZE=28px]When I laid my eyes on this dragon I knew you had to have it. I LOVE the oil slick look of it and bought a black cord (18") to hang it off of. The pendant opens up to hold a bead, got you this lava bead for it to hold EO’s and the extender chain has a dragon, of course.[/SIZE]

[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“height”:“200”,“width”:“156”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2][SIZE=28px] earrings are just 1.5" long and are loaded with more dragons. [/SIZE][SIZE=28px]The lava bead has natural holes which are perfect to hold essential oils. We are sending you a small vial of orange EO to put onto your lava bead before wearing it.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=28px]This one has all our dragons on it except the one which graces the stitch marker set. Including our 3 headed dragon which is House Targaryans moto, Fire and Blood.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=28px]You can get an additional 3 headed necklace on the site.[/SIZE]

[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“height”:“320”,“width”:“152”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2][SIZE=28px]Loving this dragon, he’s actually breathing fire! The Swarovski teardrop and bicone look just like fire breathing, so much fun. Pixie #1 told me that they have to drip fire and I agree, came out smashing![/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]EAR CUFF SOLD OUT? Will know next week 7-10 NOPE! Ya’ll loved this so much that we ordered more. 7-15-tell all your friends.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=28px]he baby dragons crawl all over their Mummy so I had to include this. As soon as I saw this I was like aaaweee baby dragons! Now you can be a mother of dragons too, with your own baby dragon to crawl over you.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=28px]All of this and more can be seen here.[/SIZE]

This looks to be so much fun, but I promised myself to skip the MKALs for a while. Will the pattern be available after the MKAL somewhere other than R?

Is the pattern available outside of ravelry?

Hi! Do you have a different link now? The link for the blog seems to be down. :slightly_frowning_face: