Most Used FO?

It’s so nice of the kittens to let you borrow it from time to time. It’s a beautiful color and stitch pattern.

uhm…. what’s a trivet? Are you talking about pot holders? It is interesting how different regions have different names for things. I grew up all over the US (although I have souther roots), and my words for these things are completely strange. tea towels? I grew up calling them dish towels, or hand towels. A washroom to me is a bathroom, and as I said, we put pot holders under hot bowls/pots/ whatever.

My most used item? It depends on who you ask in my family! For me, it would be the wicker lace handwarmers I made last year. I have poor blood circulation, and my hands are almost always cold, sometimes even in summer. And last winter, I sometimes had to fight my boys for them! I haven’t made any for them yet, that’s on the agenda for this fall. I made a scarf and hat set for my youngest son, the winter before he entered middle school, and he still uses them to this day (he graduated this spring). I made a scarf and hat set for my husband, about the same time, and he’s worn them so much that the yarn is starting to break down! I’m kind of known for my scarf/hat projects. In fact, I look forward to actually making patterns for them!

@yarnforall Thank you! Pinwheels are one of my favorite weave structures.

They are definitely fascinating and charming!

Oh my goodness, I love your teatowels!

Oh gosh, I need to learn to weave, right now I’m a very new weaver.

@ILVLUCY Thank you!

Very pretty.

They never let me borrow it. I have to wait until they move before I get it.

Thank you. I’m having a hard time believing that I’ve made things that old and older.

@Lightning57 Thank you!

Mine is my tatty old “house cardigan” that is in its second incarnation. Years ago, I made myself a cardigan that I didn’t really like, it had garter stitch panels and edgings and it looked a bit home-made (as opposed to hand-made). I wore it, though - I had done all that work, hadn’t I? Eventually, I realised I was not going to wear it again, so I ripped it out and made myself another, plain cardigan, just stocking stitch with ribbed edgings and a couple of pockets. I have had it so long and it has been washed so often that it doesn’t look smart enough to wear to go out any more, but it is a good fit and cosy enough to wear for most of the winter, so it is still going strong at home. I can’t remember what kind of yarn I used, but I have been in this house about 15 years and I had the first version when I came here, so it is just about indestructible!

My most used item is a large crochet scrap yarn blanket. Big enough for a 6 foot person to use.
It was the first thing I made. I used yarn remnants a friend didn’t want or need and held the yarn double. I somehow managed to do a ton of checkerboard squares. Then bought myself some black yarn to crochet things together. (I only knew the basic of crochet. So the whole thing is a combination of chain stitches, SC and maybe a DC in a place or two. A complete and total mess if you were to try to figure out what stitches I used where. I didn’t know what I was doing…so I just did whatever was necessary to make this blanket look the way I wanted it to.)

It is 25 years old and still going strong.
Acrylic and apparently unstoppable.

It is weighty and it is everyone’s favorite.

@qfknit you’re welcome! I highly recommend getting her book! Everything is beautiful! I loved the tree worked on the back of Bare Branches!

Mine is the Bare Branches Cardigan from Botanical Knits 2. I throw it on all the time in cold weather :blush:

@AcornWillows - Intrigued by the name, I did a web search on “Bare Branches Cardigan”… interesting!
I like the designer’s botanical theme throughout the collection, and found some personal favorites:

  • sunlight autumn (with the delicate lace leaf medallion on the center back yoke of the cardi)
  • twigs and willows mitts (fingerless mitts)

Thanks for introducing us/me to this designer.