Most Used FO?

I was texting with a friend (about knitting of course) and eating dinner and it dawned on me that out of all my beautiful projects, there is one that gets more use tenfold over the others. I have several shawls, a couple of socks, a few blankets, MANY hats, and even a couple of baby dresses, but my #1 most used FO…

A dishcloth. LOL

How funny that a “throwaway” project that I don’t fawn over like my others is literally the only one I use on a daily basis. It just goes to show that even the plain, simple creations can be just as important as the beautiful works of art.

What’s your most often used FO?


Suthernknitwitt, I love your dishcloth revelation!

For me, I’d have to say my FO that sees the most use is a scrap afghan that covers my favorite swiveling easy chair. That blue-green-white cozy is used every single day, like your elegantly humble dishcloth.

@Suthernknitwitt - I see you are using your dishcloth as a hot pad. I do the same thing. I don’t really like using them as dishcloths or washcloths but I love them as hot pads. I also love making potholders out of kitchen cotton. I use two strands and knit or crochet them really tight. They make the best potholders because they wash so well. Store bought potholders look so ragged if you wash them but the homemade ones look great after washing.

Yes! I couldn’t come up with the word “hot pad” or “trivet” as we say down here. Technically it’s a dish cloth, but we hardly ever use it as one. It’s always a trivet. We love that it’s round and works so well with bowls. Gotta have some way to hold that hot bowl of gumbo! (Note: That is NOT gumbo in the above picture. lol)

My most used FO would have to be my handwoven teatowels.



Towels for me too.


Those are the best!!

I love your towels! Nice pattern and great colors!

Funny how different areas have different words - a dish cloth here is a tea towel. We would probably say dish rag for the thing you scrub the dishes with. And a trivet here is nearly always a material like wicker or metal or something sturdy, rarely used for a knitted or crocheted item. As a Canadian visiting an American friend in a park I asked where the washroom was and she got a strange look on her face - apparently there it was toilets - not the place where you take a bath!

@Suthernknitwitt Thank you!

@Suthernknitwitt - I just saw this link in another thread and wanted to share it here. It is for a crocheted bowl cozy.

A handspun Faroese shawl that I made over 20 years ago. It’s wool/mohair, lives on my recliner, and at least 3 generations of kittens have loved sleeping on or under it every bit as much as I love to wear it.



Those are pretty!

I love your colors.

Oh man those are awesome! I may have to try it, though I am TERRIBLE at crocheting.

@annekepoot isn’t it cool?! I love comparing dialect between regions. We have a variety of dialects in my state of Louisiana alone! For instance, my DH’s family calls the refrigerator an ice box, but my family has always said fridge. We grew up 3 minutes down the road from each other! (To be fair, his family comes from a long line of Cajun French where my family is mostly from “the north”–Northern Louisiana that is.

@SpinsterJulieB Thank you Julie!

@SpinsterJulieB Great shawl! Can’t believe it’s over 20 years old!

Pretty!!! I love pinwheels.