Mittens and Gloves

This thread is for our designers to list their FREE MITTEN AND GLOVE PATTERNS. Please provide a PDF file, or a link to your own website, or your pattern at lovecrafts, etsy, etc where members can find your pattern.

I recommend using the following format:

  • Share a picture – everyone likes to see what it looks like
  • Yarn used in photo and weight of yarn
  • Gauge, needles
  • Yardage used
  • Link to the website where they can obtain the pattern, if not attached
  • Other information you would consider important
  • USE TAGS! It may help folks find your patterns easier

Last winter I started knitting glovelets because I like having my fingers bare for driving. They have very short cuffs so easy off and on with a coat. My mailman saw them and commented, so I made him a pair. The mailman’s sub saw them and liked them, so I made her a pair. They’ve been well received. I knitted them with handspun yarn and didn’t record the yardage, but any sport weight yarn will work. Pattern is here:


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A friend whose hands are always cold needed some fingerless mitts, so I came up with this pattern using handspun yarn, but any sport weight should work. The pattern is here:


I got in a mitten-knitting jag last winter to outfit my six great-nephews. This is the result. I used handspun yarn for these, but have also used nasty old Red Heart for some because … you know … kids. :wink: Pattern is here:




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