Migration is complete! Post questions here!

Welcome to the new FiberKind! I hope you like our new look, and that you find using the forum to be much easier than before.

As with all big changes there will be some rough edges to smooth out – please post here if you find anything that doesn’t look right, or if you just have any questions.

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Do we have to re-subscribe to our threads?

Yes, you will need to re-subscribe.

As a group creator/owner here at FiberKind, I can no longer edit posts, sticky or unsticky topics, close or open topics etc … will this functionality be added?

Also, there are no post numbers any longer?

In general, how does ownership of a group now work in terms of being able to moderate content and group goals/activities?

PM me the list of groups you’re responsible for and I’ll get the permissions updated. (This goes for any other group owner too!)

Another question: right now replies are added to the bottom of threads, but there is no “context” for them, i.e. no indication of what post is being replied to.

Is this something that is planned to be fixed?

I’ve changed the settings – now at the top right of the post you can see who the post is replying to, and if you click their name you can see the original post.

Great! I see that here now, how do I apply this change to my groups?

It should be automatic as long as you’re clicking the Reply button in the post (like you just did for mine) and not the purple one after all of the posts.

Yes, I needed to refresh, but that’s what I am seeing now. Thank you, very helpful!!

Now, is there a way to add the post number to the post itself? The scroll bar down the right side is not always accurate, it does give an approximation, but a post number in the post itself would be ideal.

I don’t see a setting for that – I’ll have to look into a way to do that.

Ok, sounds good. Hopefully there is a way to do that!

Me again.

See screenshot below … is there an admin role for groups? This indicates that the group is owned by “system”? That’s not correct … also, as moderators we cannot see a group membership list, is that part of another role?

I’ve updated the ownership of the post. For group membership I’ll PM you separately with more questions :slight_smile: (If anyone else has similar group membership questions let me know.)

Great! Ilvermorny is good now, can you also update the owner (to me) for the Crafting from my Bookshelf group?

Thanks for all your help!!

You might be able to do it yourself as group owner. If you click on “…” on the post and then the wrench, do you have an option to Change Ownership?

No, I don’t see that option. Clicking the wrench on the post only shows “staff notice”. Clicking the wrench on the topic, has the close, etc, options, screenshots below.

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 12.48.28 PM

One more!

Is it possible to switch out of mobile view on a phone?

All right, I’ve updated the ownership of the post to you.

For mobile, your browser should have an option like Request Desktop Site – see if that does what you’re looking for.

Tried that (re the mobile setting) and it does not work … the page refreshes, but returns to mobile view. Is there something amiss in the coding?